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Sending Logs files with Trimble Mobile Manager 

07-07-2017 06:02

If you experience any issues with Catalyst you can help Trimble resolve this by sending the log files to the support team

This process will cover Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM).


Sending Log files - with TMM

  1. In the TMM application select the menu option in the top left of the app
  2. Select ABOUT
  3. From the ABOUT menu - Select SEND EMAIL from the Generate log file section
  4. Complete the action using you Email provider
  5. This add some system information to the email body, zips the log files and attaches them to the email ready to be sent.
  6. RECOMMENDED - please add any additional text / details of the issue that may help the support team better understand the issue
  7. SEND

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03-29-2018 04:51

Hi Gregor

You should still be able to access the log file manually via the main memory. If you can, please follow either of the steps below and send the log files in to along with a brief explanation of whats happening and we'll look into this

Accessing the logs manually:

  • Use a file browser on the device (FX File Explorer for example) and browse to MAIN MEMORY > TRIMBLE > TRIMBLEMOBILEMANAGER > Grab the folder contents
  • Plug a compatible USB cable in to your PC/laptop and device then...browse to MAIN MEMORY > TRIMBLE > TRIMBLEMOBILEMANAGER > Grab the folder contents


You should also try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Trimble Mobile Manager application again just in case this was a problem with the installation/ setup

03-29-2018 01:45

Hi Tom,


after I got the Android 8.0 update on my Huawei P10,  clicking on "Generate Log File" causes the TMM app to crash.

On Android 7.x it was working well.


I've installed the latest versions of Catalyst Service 1.0.2030 and Trimble Mobile Manger 1.2.157

Android version is 8.0.0 with build number VTR-L09





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