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Tilos 11.1 MR2 Release Notes 

02-18-2022 07:21

New & Improved

This Tilos release includes these new features and enhancements:

Activities and Scheduling

  • Update activities based on a template - You can now add filters and use additional options to update existing activities from an activity template such that: 
    • all assigned activities are updated based on the template
    • a new template is selected for one or more activities

To prevent the settings from overwriting activities in real subprojects, as well as activities in activity groups, you can opt:

  • Not to update 100%/progressed activities. 
  • Not to update activities in an activity groups library; when enabled (the default), subprojects containing activity groups are not updated.
    • To add a filter. If selected, only the filtered activities are updated.

In the Tilos Explorer, expand Library > Activity Libraries > Activity Templates. Right-click an activity Template and select Adjust Activity to Activity Template.

You now have more control over which values are copied from the activity template to the activity:

  • Detail settings, Calculation data, Progress settings - With the attribute check boxes for some data groups, you can now define specifically which fields should be copied or not.
  • Annotations - Options have been split into Text field and Text format. Now the Text field value can be copied independent of the formatting.
  • Resource assignments/Category assignments - In previous versions those assignments have been always replaced. There is a new option to Add the template assignments to the already existing activity assignments
  • Data exchange - When importing from Text, Microsoft Project, or Primavera P6,  there is now an additional button: Adjust activities from template settings. The same selections as above appear here, giving  you more control over how template data is copied from the template during import.

  • Prevent overlapping sectors in Profile calculated activities - Overlapping sectors in sector profiles are no longer supported. You are now prevented from creating overlapping sectors. Existing overlapping sectors will be changed during file conversion, when the project file is opened for the first time to a Sequence of sectors.

Printing and Presentation

  • Select presentation Picture Quality - When preparing to create a PDF presentation, you can now choose from these dpi (dots per inch) options for the image:
    • High (300 dpi) 
    • Medium (150 dpi)
    • Low (96 dpi)
    • No scaling (use picture resolution; this is the default setting) 

Reducing the quality of a presentation image (by resampling) reduces the size of the PDF. Using these settings can help you produce PDFs with smaller file sizes if a lower image quality is acceptable. [TIL-1338]

  • Select presentation Level of Detail - When preparing to create a PDF presentation, you can now choose the level of detail:
    • Full details (default and recommended) - Prints the maximum level of detail (grids, calendar, diagrams) based on your settings (independent from what is visible on the screen).
    • As visible (zoom level) - Depending on the view zoom level, Tilos displays (on screen) only those objects that are still displayable. This option prints the level of details according to the visibility on screen.

Project Files

  • Unneeded data removed from project files - An automatic purge function has been added to remove deleted objects from an .hsp file. All unused fields from previous versions are removed from the database. Purging results in a smaller file size (~15%) and also lower memory consumption. 


  • Protect your Named User license - When running Tilos as a Named User via your Trimble Identity (TID), the program only allows one TID-based session to run at a time. While your Named User license allows you to run Tilos on different computers at different times, session management now protects you from someone else using your TID. If two Tilos sessions are running with the same Named User license, the older sessions are logged out. If this occurs you should change your TID password immediately. [TIL-1543]
  • Demo Mode - When opening a file in “Demo Mode” a popup message will appear and remind you of the limitations that apply. [TIL-1561]

Trimble General Product Terms

  • Trimble General Product Terms - Because of the increasing number of integrations with other products in the Trimble ecosystem, the End User License Agreement (EULA), which previously covered only Tilos, has been enhanced (with synchronized terminology) to cover a wider range of Trimble software and services. 


This Tilos release also includes fixes for reported or discovered cases in which:

  • When importing a standard calendar from Microsoft Project, cyclic exceptions did not include the first date of the periodic range. [TIL-1580]
  • Some fields (e.g., resources, filters) for column names in Gantt charts were inaccessible. [TIL-1572]

Printing and Presentation

  • Line widths were sometimes unexpectedly thick in PDF presentations. [TIL-1578]
  • When printing mass haulage data in a time-distance view, there were graphic issues in arrows, arc radii, and vertical lines. [TIL-1576]
  • Vertical Gantt charts in time-distance views were not displayed correctly in SVG or PDF presentations. [TIL-1568]
  • Activities that used a double/parallel line style were missing one of the lines in PDF presentations. [TIL-1582]
  • In SVG and PDF presentations, some graphic files appeared much larger than expected. [TIL-1569]
  • When creating a presentation from a Gantt Chart with multiple pages, some pages were missing. [TIL-1564]
  • Parts of oversized PDF presentations were missing.  [TIL-1398]
  • When creating a presentation from a Gantt chart with multiple pages, printing to different numbers of pages gave different  results. [TIL-1399]
  • When creating a presentation from a Gantt chart with multiple pages, the preview for pages >1 showed only the header scale, but no activities in the Gantt chart table. [TIL-1400]
  • When creating a presentation of a profile diagram, cut/fill colors were incorrect. [TIL-1417]
  • Presentation setup options were missing these ANSI formats: A0 - A4, ANSI A - E. [TIL-1422]
  • The program crashed when attempting to print large, complex data to PDF, resulting in missing Gantt chart data in the PDF. [TIL-1390]
  • The program crashed when trying to build a PDF or SVG  presentation from a time-distance diagram, even if you shrank the view to the selected size. [TIL-1445]
  • Two tokens for numbering pages in presentations were not working. [TIL-1442]
  • When creating a presentation from a Gantt chart with multiple pages, page numbering began at 0 instead of 1. [TIL-1446]
  • Various issues were encountered when creating a presentation from a Gantt chart: activity bars overlapped the chart in the PDF, Gantt activity symbols had a white background when printed on a colored line, and links were drawn outside of the bar area (into the border). [TIL-1447] 
  • The program crashed when trying to create an SVG presentation with a specific fill pattern. [TIL-1453]
  • Line styles were clipped in PDF presentations. [TIL-1462]
  • In PDF presentations, text was missing and lines were too wide. [TIL-1545] 
  • When generating a PDF presentation, the cumulative line on the vertical histogram bled into the logo. [TIL-1546]
  • The program crashed when creating presentations for large views and in other special circumstances such as:
    • when trying to print a time-distance view "total". [TIL-1470] 
    • after converting to the latest version and opening an Activity List. [TIL-1528]
    • when creating a PDF presentation with large images in a distance cell. [TIL-1533]
  • Progress lines were not correctly printed in presentation mode. [TIL-1536]
  • Some images were printed with inverted colors in PDF presentation mode. [TIL-1537]
  • Distance profile diagram colors disappeared in PDF presentations. [TIL-1515]
  • Graphics in a PDF presentation were mirrored if you selected the area for them from bottom right to top left (instead of from top left to bottom right). [TIL-1505]
  • You could not create a PDF file using File > Create Presentations command because a few installation files were missing. [TIL-1501]
  • Graphics in Gantt chart presentations included random, extraneous lines. [TIL-1494]
  • ANSI paper sizes showing inches have been added to the default setup. [TIL-1522]
  • Misc. issues involving vector lines are fixed [TIL-1590]


  • There was no warning message when opening a file/view in which a linked graphic file had been deleted. [TIL-1131]
  • When inserting an OLE object into a graphic cell and enabling the Keep proportions option, the object resized to 0.0 and the size could not be restored. The sizing and proportion behavior of inserted OLE objects has now been enhanced so that Keep proportions works as expected. [TIL-1351]
  • Drawn activity lines were wrong when weekends were switched off.  [TIL-1456]
  • Grids from sectors were not displayed at the correct points when the sector locations had decimals. If you input sector profiles with decimal values, it was rounded off to the nearest integer value and displayed as such.  [TIL-1459]
  • Reversing the order of a distance Gantt chart and scrolling vertically caused the bars to appear beneath the chart. [TIL-1430]
  • Colored bars in legends were out of position/misaligned. [TIL-1478]
  • Unexpected graphic results occurred when displaying a sector profile in a distance scale; overlapping color bands were clipped. [TIL-1019]

Mass Haulage/Histograms

  • You could not change the heading column width for mass types in a histogram. [TIL-1118] 
  • The Text 2 token was missing from the Mass Haulages table. [TIL-1397]
  • The strings displayed as “Connected Activities” was confusing and has been replaced with “Source Tasks” and “Destination Tasks” [TIL-1467] 
  • Two  numeric mass haulage fields did not work in the histogram.Scheduled Qty (remaining) Reported Quantity remaining. [TIL-1498]

Activities, Scheduling, Calculations

  • The Duration (Speed from Sector Profile) activity calculation type did not work for profiled activities with overlapping sectors. [TIL-1231]
  • Subactivity assignments disappeared when changing the subproject ID in a Task List.  [TIL-1298]
  • When using a speed profile for activities, the first sector was not being considered until the start distance of the activity was before this sector. [TIL-1339]
  • When moving non-performed activities after a report date, the report date was not on the time project scope. If the report date is before the project start date, non-performed activities were moved after the project start date, without any notification. [TIL-1344]
  • When positioning activities after reporting progress, some activities were moved to another place/time. [TIL-1468]
  • New created distance profiles are not assigned to “Work rate profile as default. [TIL-1472]
  • When an activity had working time, but the display calendar collapsed parts of the working time, (weekends) the slope of the annotation was calculated incorrectly. [TIL-1458]


  • When using the Repetitive Activity function in certain language versions, repetitive activity annotations were added to the activity (when they should have been absent). [TIL-1252] 
  • Block annotations were incorrectly placed when creating a activity annotation with Adjust on change of direction enabled, [TIL-1265]
  • Annotation angles saved to a template were not saved; they reverted to 0.0. [TIL-1266]
  • When creating an activity name with an auto-generated annotation based on data (e.g., coordinates), only the first annotation gets its own values (e.g., coordinates). The following activities include values from the previous annotation, plus their own. Other times, the first activity in the sequence has no annotation, the second has one annotation, the third has two annotations, and so on. [TIL-1347]
  • In rare cases, no annotations displayed in any time-distance chart, even though the layers were shown. [TIL-1520]

Gantt Charts

  • A Gantt chart presentation did not show the same expanded/collapsed state of summary activities as your project view; in the presentation, all summary activities were expanded. There has been added options in the dialog for creating Gantt Chart presentations: Tree structure: Expand all or Keep state  [TIL-1448] 
  • The program crashed when clicking a link from an intermediate activity in a Gantt chart view. [TIL-1451]
  • Information disappeared when scrolling in a distance Gantt chart. [TIL-1493]
  • An error was encountered when using a French token for income as Calculated Value for a Gantt chart column. [TIL-1479]

Data Exchange

  • Link lags in calendar time/elapsed days were ignored when exchanging data with Microsoft Project. [TIL-1483]
  • When imported using the Primavera P6 XML format, new activity templates were created rather than being reassigned. [TIL-1486]
  • WBS levels divided by "." were no longer imported using the Plain Text Data (TXT) import format. [TIL-1310]
  • Categories defined in the template were not being created during text import. [TIL-1428]
  • When you copied and pasted a category, the category ID did not change, which generated an error, for example, when trying to export an XML for Primavera. [TIL-1441]
  • Structure and activity types changed when importing from Microsoft Project. [TIL-1454]
  • Tilos 11 data could not be imported in Primavera P6 because some activity names exceeded 120 characters. [TIL-1473]
  • TID’s were managed incorrectly when importing from Microsoft Project into existing sub-projects. [TIL-1581]

Activity Templates

  • Objects, e.g., symbols, inserted into activity templates did not retain their sizes when activities were created/updated. [TIL-1324]
  • When associating a file link to an activity template and creating a new activity with a symbol, the symbol did not display in the activity template and updating an existing activity did not add the file link to the task. [TIL-1325]
  • When applying a new planned work rate from a template, the quantity was deleted (it reverted to 0.0).  [TIL-1326]
  • After creating a new activity template, opening the editor with the new template selected opened a previous template instead. [TIL-1534]


  • After adding a distance histogram into a time-distance cell, the Position tab in the Object Properties pane disappeared, preventing edits from being made. [TIL-1348]
  • The program crashed when opening a project in which a histogram was sliced by a time profile with imported, empty time periods. [TIL-1413]


  • When naming and adding IDs for newly created resources, you could enter an ID that duplicated the next auto-incremented ID. Now, you cannot manually enter a duplicate ID. [TIL-1350]

BIM Integrations

  • The program crashed when trying to synchronize information with Trimble Connect (after the Connect updated several of its certificates). [TIL-1463]
  • An error was encountered when trying to launch Trimble Connect from within Tilos. [TIL-1464] 
  • The program could not exchange property set data with Trimble Connect because unique IDs were not generated. [TIL-1475]


Known issues

  • Using the Change Activity Direction option for profile-based activities might result in a different result than before. Also, when a sector-based activity is drawn in a positive direction and Change Activity Direction is enabled, the results can become unpredictable, depending on the position of the activity over the sector profile. [TIL-1511] [TIL-1538] 
  • These issues might be encountered when creating PDF and SVG presentations from large, complex layouts:
    • The SVG presentation is created, but produces an error in the viewer program and may be incomplete (grid lines are missing on the edges).
    • The PDF is created, but Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader crashes after opening it (the file size is larger and takes longer to create than expected, so Acrobat runs out of memory). 
    • If a PDF print contains dense grid lines (e.g., daily/hourly) and the lines are very fine, some PDF viewers may slow down when zooming far in to display those grid lines. [TIL-1585]

Workaround: These issues will be fixed and optimized in a later version. Until then, you can use the new Picture Quality and Level of Detail settings described at the top of page 4 in this document to bypass/prevent the issues.

  • User-defined fields (UDFs) were not being added from Asta Powerproject 15 when using the Powerproject macro. Distance information was transferred properly (without formatting problems) from Powerproject 14, but from versions 15+.  Therefore, Powerproject versions above 14 are not supported unless you deploy a Tilos fix for Asta Powerproject 15; to do so, see the support note in the Tilos Community. [TIL-1188]
In rare cases, inserting OLE objects into a graphic cell results in unexpected image sizes when the Keep proportions option is enabled. [TIL-1351]

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