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Tilos 11.1 MR3 Release Notes 

03-25-2022 08:02

March 2022

This Tilos release also includes fixes for reported or discovered cases in which:

Import/Export/Data Exchange

  • When importing data from Microsoft Project (MSP), additional activities named "#AUTO" were sometimes created in Tilos. In addition, the new activities had links to random successor activities in the file. When a Start Milestone in MSP had a link to a successor, the link was not transferred into Tilos. When the XML file already contained those activities, Tilos did not display them. [TIL-1648]

  • Activities imported using the Text import profile (.txt) with template settings (all) did not have activity template values assigned as expected. For example, if the assigned activity template has set calculation rules, the created activities had incorrect values set for “Quantity factor” and “Planned work rate”. [TIL-1657]

Activities, Scheduling, Calculations

  • Only two levels of summaries were being displayed in the "Summaries" tab for a time-distance cell, even when there were more than two levels in the project. All Summaries levels are visible now and can be used. [TIL-1645]
Note: If your project file is from a previous release, select View > Restore Default Grid Layouts. This will enable the bug fix described above.

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03-29-2022 05:28

Its looks like the Summaries still only show to level 2.

Does something special need to be done to see the full list again?

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