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Trimble Catalyst DA2 Firmware 

08-15-2022 16:43

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Current release:
V1.62 (22nd April 2024)

What's new in this update:
- Improved reliability of convergence in RTX Global zones.
- Improved consistency of receiver session start-up
- Improved antenna noise modelling

Note: Users of DA2 with RTX in RTX Global zones may observe slower RTX convergence compared to earlier versions of DA2 firmware. RTX "Global" refers to areas outside of RTX Fast zones (RTX Fast zones are the USA, parts of Canada, and most of Western Europe - for an up to date complete Trimble RTX Fast zone coverage map, go here).

Release notes history:
A full history of releases (including notes on what has changed) is available in the DA2 Releases topic of the Trimble Geospatial Help Portal.
To install the latest updates:
To check if you have the current firmware version installed on your DA2, and to install any available updates follow the instructions here: How to Update Trimble DA2 GNSS Firmware.


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10-11-2023 23:17

This page should also include the updates of Trimble Mobile Manager app and its release notes

10-11-2023 23:14

Is there a button to disable/enable RTX in TMM or in ACCESS2023 subscription?

10-11-2023 23:11

Does the DA-2 antenna uses digital or physical channels for each GNSS signal?   If it uses digital channels what is the maximum number of channel that the DA-2 can use?     

Maybe a white paper about the maximum number of channels and each one of the GNSS signals tracked and used is needed for marketing

10-11-2023 23:08

Any chance to integrate Trimble Mobile Manager to ACCESS 2023 subscription app?

It makes sense to have a single app to manage DA-2 updating, GNSS source selection, etc instead of 2 apps

Same for all other Trimble subscription apps such as PenMap, etc

10-11-2023 09:30

Here is where the latest Catalyst FW 1.56 is listed:

10-09-2023 07:20

I agree with Jeff here. When you click on the release notes, it goes to the following page which doesn't show the 1.56 release information: 

07-20-2023 08:37

It would be really nice if the description of the update was a bit more specific. What did it fix ? What are the improvements ?  

02-08-2023 11:53

Thanks Garreth for this update for DA-2    any chance to the registered user be able to get notifications on all subscription expirations (like 30, 15, 5 and 1 day before it expires?)

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