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Trimble Connect for Browser 2.97 | Release Notes | Jan 04, 2021 

01-04-2021 07:46

Trimble Connect Browser - 2.97

Jan 04, 2021

Trimble Connect for Browser


What’s New

Improved Support for Tekla Online Admins

Tekla Online Organization Admins will now be able to access Trimble Connect’s Account admin portal.  

Accessing the Dashboard

The user dropdown in Connect will display Account Administration option

Multiple Accounts

If you are admin for multiple accounts, then the Tekla Online account will also be listed. Else you will be redirected to the Users listing page. 

File Attributes

File metadata attributes can be defined. These custom attributes will reflect in Connect’s files listing in projects which are using a license from the account.

Learn more about project ownership here.

Learn more about File Attributes ›

Property Set Master Libraries

Property Set Master Libraries can be defined (usage of this feature in projects requires Business Premium).

The admin will be able to assign Account level libraries to projects.

Learn more about Property Set Master Libraries ›

Updates to Account Users List

Connect will not handle licensing or role changes for Trimble Subscription accounts or Tekla Online accounts. Any change to role or licensing can be done from the Account Admin Portal or the Tekla Online portal. The admin can navigate to correct portal using “Manage Licensed Users” . 

Note: This change does not apply to Enterprise Accounts.

Learn more about Internal Users ›

Known Issues & Limitations

  • New users assigned with Tekla Online licenses may have a delay of up to 2 minutes for the latest license information to reflect. We recommend using “Check for updated license” under the user dropdown. 
  • For a new account, after the File metadata is published, there may be a delay of up to 5 minutes for the changes to get reflected in all projects . This happens only for a new account where there is no File custom attributes template published. 
  • If a user is included in the Tekla organization, for his/her details to be available in the Connect’s Account administration portal’s  Internal users list, the user will have to login to Connect at least once. 
  • For files listed in Releases, there might be a delay of 1-2 minutes for file metadata to reflect. This might happen during the first time listing in a Release in a project. 
  • In some cases, when the same user has licenses from multiple Tekla organizations, during project creation in Connect, one of the organizations may not be listed. We will be addressing this in a future release.


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