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Trimble Connect for Browser 3.38 | Release Notes | Sep 09, 2022 

09-09-2022 07:58

Trimble Connect for Browser | Release Notes | Sep 09, 2022

Application: Trimble Connect for Browser

Version: 3.38

Date: Sep 09, 2022

About this release

We have made changes to Connect for Browser as part of Connect’s Progressive Web Application (PWA) initiative. This release has 2 parts as the first milestone - 

  1. UX/UI changes to Connect for Browser necessary for PWA
  2. New client API  (trimble-connect-workspace-api) 

UX/UI Changes

App header changes

Connect for Browser now has a new Header that will persist throughout the application (except for Web 3D Viewer).  

  • User dropdown now is separate and bigger with options to check “My profile” and license updates. 


  • The Apps page dropdown is now having more options. Regardless of where you are in a project, or 2D Viewer or Unsupported file viewer , you can navigate to - 
  1. List of Projects 
  2. Account Administration page (If you are an Account Administrator) 
  3. Connect Apps Download page
  4. My Trimble Subscriptions

  • The Help link will be more context specific. For example in the files explorer page, you will see links to Connect’s documentation in general.

However, in a 2D Viewer or CAD in Connect, you will see a link to the respective Viewer documentation. 


Account administration portal changes

  • In case you are an Account administrator for multiple accounts , you can now switch between accounts from the header.
  • You can navigate back to the list of accounts with the “All Accounts” option from the top left. 

Page header changes

  • The Projects list provides you the option to navigate directly to the 3D Viewer. You can toggle on/off the “3D” option. 

  • The files explorer page now has larger breadcrumbs for easier interaction.


  • You can navigate back to all projects from the top left option.

  • Property set libraries definition can now be managed directly from the left panel. This saves efforts from navigating to the 3D Viewer for this purpose.

2D Viewer changes

  • New header is now available in the 2D Viewer as well.
  • Clicking on a 2D file name in folders and files list will now open in the same window.
  • 2D View will also open in the same window.
  • You can use CTRL+ file/view name to open the file or view in a new tab. 
  • You can now navigate back to any of list of Files, Views, Todos, Releases from the 2D Viewer.

NOTE : User guide updates for these UX / UI changes will be made soon.

URL Change for 3D Viewer

  • Connect’s Web 3D Viewer will now open with the domain   instead of….
  • The domain will continue to work until the end of 2023 Q1 . In case you have book marked any 3D Views, Models or other 3D viewer URLs, we recommend opening the new URL and bookmark the same. 

New Client APIs 

We have now introduced new Client API (trimble-connect-workspace-api) that will replace - 

  1. Connect Web 3D Viewer APIs (Workspace APIs) , 
  2. Connect’s Projects Workspace API (“Extensions”)

What should I do if I am an integrator to these client APIs

  • Please start using the new package. (trimble-connect-workspace-api) . Documentation is available here
  • The support for older APIs will continue until the end of 2023 Q1.  But after this the support for older APIs will end. Any integrations on the older APIs after end of 2023 Q1 will not work. 

In case of any doubts or clarifications on these APIs, please contact


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