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Trimble Connect for Browser 4.3.0 | Release Notes | Jan 20, 2023 

01-19-2023 20:27

Trimble Connect for Browser 4.3.0 | Release Notes | Jan 20, 2023

Application: Trimble Connect for Browser

Version: 4.3.0

Date: Jan 20, 2023

About this release

We have now enabled you to choose your preferred date and time format in Trimble Connect.


User preferred display of Date and Time

Earlier Connect for Browser displayed dates in only one format. You will now be able to opt for date and time display formats. The preferred date and time format will also be shown in Connect for Mobile (v2.22 onwards) and Connect for Windows( onwards) . 

  • Within the Connect for Browser, you will be able to select the Date and time formats from the “My Profile” > Preferences .

NOTE : The default date format will continue to be MMM DD, YYYY (e.g. Jan 20, 2022) until you have selected a particular format from the user profile

  • Available options for Date and Time formats are  -
  • Based on your preference , the date and time will be displayed uniformly within the Connect for Browser application. For example , if the selected format is YYYY-MMM-DD , the display in Files and Folders,Topics, Views, Activity feed, 3D Viewer (including the custom properties) , Todos, and so on is illustrated below. 


  • The user preferred date and time preferences will NOT reflect in the following - 
  1. Custom date filters (since these have calendar based date selection).
  2. Data exported to Excel  from Connect for Browser. 
  3. Email notifications from Connect.


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