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Trimble Connect for Browser 4.5.0 | Release Notes | Feb 17, 2023 

02-19-2023 23:29

Trimble Connect for Browser 4.5.0 | Release Notes | Feb 17, 2023

Application: Trimble Connect for Browser

Version: 4.5.0

Date: Feb 17, 2023

About this release

Bulk Add / Edit file metadata

It will now be possible to bulk add / edit file metadata in a project.  There will be 2 options - 

  1. Update metadata for selected files

  2. Update metadata for files belonging to folders

NOTE : Selecting folder(s) will update the files belonging to the particular folder(s) but not the nested folders. We had to restrict updates for files belonging to particular folder for performance reasons. 

Clicking on “Change file metadata” from the right panel will list the project’s file metadata/custom attributes. 

For example, in case above, it will show -

You can then add the metadata to the selected files.  In case a large number of files are selected, the update might take some time.

Topics Improvements

  • You can now sort  and filter Topics by Tags  

  • BCF Export options will now have the following options selected by Default - Comments, Viewpoints , High quality images 

NOTE :  The color selector for Settings -> Tags is now disabled . This is because it was identified that the color selector didn't have an impact on the Tags display in the UI. Coloring tags will be taken up in future. 


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