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Trimble Connect for Browser 5.0.0 | Release Notes | Apr 11, 2023 

04-11-2023 05:41

Trimble Connect for Browser 5.0.0 | Release Notes | Apr 11, 2023

Application: Trimble Connect for Browser

Version: 5.0.0

Date: Apr 11, 2023

About this release

This is the next milestone in our Progressive Web App (PWA) initiative. The first milestone was achieved in 
Sep 2022.  In this release, we have made changes to the 3D VIewer UI . Also the older 3D Viewer URL ( will no longer receive updates as announced earlier. 

Trimble Connect for Browser - 3D Viewer UI changes

  • Connect for Browser users who use (3D URL)  will be redirected to (web URL)  for a limited time. In case you have bookmarked 3D URLs , please open the 3D files & views in the application and bookmark the new URLs.  NOTE : The shift to web domain was communicated earlier in Sep 2022


  • 3D files and views will now open in the same tab so that the context is not lost. To open in a new tab , please click CTRL + filename . You can also use the View button in the right panel to open a new tab. 

           NOTE : In following cases , the 3D Viewer is opened in a new browser tab to retain user context. - 3D attachments for Todos, Topics references, Comments. 


  • App  header : App header is now synchronized with the rest of the Web application.  This helps persist global options on top similar to the rest of the application.


  • Settings - Settings has now been moved within the toolbar to the extreme right. 


  • Fullscreen mode from Toolbar will be available to have more real estate for the 3D Viewer . This will help hide the header when its not needed. 

  • Back button will be available that will take the user to the screen from which the user navigated to the current 3D Viewer screen. 


  1. Back button will not be available when the 3D Viewer is opened from Share file mode or through email. 

  2. Back button will also not be available for cases where the 3D model/views are opened in new tab (3D attachments for Todos, Topics references, Comments) 


3D URL changes 

  • As communicated in Sep 2022, Nov 2022 and continuously in Q1 2023  , the 3d domain (  will stop working for Connect’s client API integrators in the embedded context (where Connect’s client has been embedded into another application)  . 

  • In the non-embedded context (where the 3D UI is opened directly using 3d URL) , the users will be redirected to the new URL ( . 

 NOTE : Users still using the 3d URL will be redirected automatically to the web URL ( . In case they aren’t redirected, they will have to do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5 for Chrome, Edge browsers) , so that they receive the latest updates on the 3D viewer.

Trimble Connect for Browser can be installed on device

  • Connect for Browser can be installed on Desktop or Mobile devices from web browsers (Chrome, Edge)  as “Trimble Connect Web”.  


On the Chrome , Edge browsers , the install option will be available as “Install Trimble Connect Web”.


On Chrome , it will be available as - 

On Edge browser, it will be available as  - 

Subsequently the app can be opened by clicking on the app icon on your device. 


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