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Trimble Connect for Browser 5.2.0 | Release Notes | Apr 28, 2023 

04-28-2023 04:13

Trimble Connect for Browser 5.2.0 | Release Notes | Apr 28, 2023

Application: Trimble Connect for Browser

Version: 5.2.0

Date: Apr 28, 2023

About this release

Following changes are part of this release 

  • We have reintroduced the file explorer option in 3D VIewer based on user feedback. This will help users navigate to projects data explorer from 3D Viewer. It will take users to the topmost hierarchy in the project. 


  1. File explorer in 3D Viewer will not be available in share modes - “Any users with the link” , “Signed in users with the link”. 

  2. Back button will not be available when the 3D Viewer is opened from Share file mode or through email. 

  3. Back button will also not be available for cases where the 3D model/views are opened in new tab (3D attachments for Todos, Topics references, Comments) 

Points b, c were highlighted in earlier release notes, but re-iterating here for clarity.


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Can you translate Releases as Entregas in spanish in the main manu? its already badly translated as Versiones

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