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Trimble Connect for Mobile 2.18.1 | Release Notes | Feb 17, 2022 

01-27-2022 13:22

Trimble Connect for Mobile 2.18.1

Feb 17, 2022

Trimble Connect for Mobile

Android | iOS | v2.18.1

Connect for Mobile v2.18.1 is now live. Focus of this release is Angular units improvement. The iOS version was released earlier on 27-Jan-2022.

Android version is live from 17-Feb-2022. NEW


  • Degree - Minute-Second (deg-min-sec)  is now supported in the Angular units . This will help you with better precision for object properties with Angular measure specifications in 3D models. 
  • Conversion between different Angular units includes deg-min-sec.



    In order for properties displayed in the 3D Viewer to be converted to the specified unit setting - the correct IFC Property Type must be used:

    • IfcLengthMeasure - Length
    • IfcAreaMeasure - Area
    • IfcVolumeMeasure - Volume
    • IfcMassMeasure - Weight
    • IfcPlaneAngleMeasure - Angle
    Only then Connect will be able to identify this as an angular measurement and make conversions.

    Bug Improvements

    • 3D Views created with transparency were not listed in Views list. This is resolved now.



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