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Trimble Connect for Revit 1.90 | Release Notes | July 10, 2023 

07-10-2023 06:21

A new version of the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In was released today. The version identifier for this release is 1.90. The new version is available for download on the Connect apps store page for Revit versions:

  • Revit 2020

  • Revit 2021

  • Revit 2022

  • Revit 2023

This version update contains improvements and fixes:

  • Trimble Connect for Revit is now able to upload Revit files that are saved on Autodesk BIM360 and Revit Server. You no longer need to make a local copy before uploading!

  • The upload settings now contain a setting that lets you select whether you want to upload the Revit model, or a TrimBIM model. The TrimBIM option will give you all functionality you are used to, within the context of Trimble Connect, in combination with improved upload performance. On the downside, after uploading with this option selected, you will not be able to download the Revit model from Trimble Connect.

    The option to convert and upload as TrimBIM (.trb) model is recommended when you use Autodesk BIM360 or Revit Server as the source of truth for your Revit model and use Trimble Connect for viewing or downstream workflows.

    The option to upload the full Revit (.rvt) model is recommended when Trimble Connect is used as the source of truth for your project. As this option will make sure you can always download the Revit (.rvt) model from Trimble Connect.

  • The support for Model Hierarchies has been introduced. You can now use the Model Hierarchies in Trimble Connect to easily navigate your model.

    The following fields in Revit are used to define the Hierarchy values/naming:

    • Project (Project Number : Project Name)

      • Project Number is based on the Project Number parameter in Project information, other.

      • Project Name is based on the Project Name parameter in the Project information, other.

    • Site (Project Address)

      • Project Address is based on the Project Address parameter in the Location and Site settings.

    • Building (Building Name)

      • Building Name is based on the Building Name parameter in Project information, Identity Data.

    • Systems are a separate concept outside of the traditional hierarchy. Systems are named based on the Revit System Name or Circuit Number parameters.

  • The support for Layers has been improved. You can now use the DWG/DXF Export Setup in Revit to define the mapping between Revit categories and what layers they’ll appear on. By default, the Trimble Connect for Revit add-in will look for an Export Setup with the name “Trimble Connect”. When this setup is not found, it’ll revert to using the current in-session configuration.

    Consequently, the layers will be visible in the Trimble Connect Layers panel.

  • Resolve an issue where you couldn’t upload the model to Trimble Connect while using Revit in viewer mode. Note that you can use Revit in viewer mode without a Revit license.

  • Resolve an issue where an entire category of elements is either partially uploaded or not at all uploaded to Trimble Connect, resulting in an incomplete model. This occurred in the scenario where a single instance of that category contained an additional body with an empty geometry definition.


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