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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.13 | Release Notes | October 7, 2021 

10-07-2021 04:44

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Windows application released today. Version identifier for this release is 1.13. The new version is available for download in the Connect apps store page or by clicking the "New version available!" button in the top right corner of the Connect for Windows application.

New Features

  • Online only support for viewing the .TFLX format in 3D. TFLX format is Trimble’s format for layout points. 
    • Note that the TFLX format conversion into 3D is supported online only. This leads to the following known limitations:
    • 1) .TFLX files should be added to the project using the Connect for Browser application. If TFLX files are added using Connect for Windows, there is a delay before they can be viewed in 3D. This is because the full cycle of synchronizing data to the online cloud project, online 3D conversion, and data synchronization back must happen in the background first.
    • 2) .TFLX files cannot be viewed in 3D if they are added in the offline mode

    Improvements and Fixes

    • Launching the Trimble Connect Visualizer application now supports the localization parameter. Visualizer gets launched with the same language setting as Connect for Windows
    • New importer plugin versions:
      • IFC Plugin 5.61
    • Fixed an issue with opening a specific ToDo
    • Fixed a rare issue where sign in failed
    • Visual change of selected lines coming from model


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