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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.14.1 | Release Notes | January 21, 2022 

01-21-2022 10:06

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Windows application released today. Version identifier for this release is 1.14.1. The new version is available for download in the Connect apps store page or by clicking the "New version available!" button in the top right corner of the Connect for Windows application.

Improvements and Fixes

  • There is a new angle unit available in the unit settings: Deg-Min-Sec
  • Fixed an issue in the unit settings dialog where all precision options were not displayed correctly in some cases 
  • Fixed an issue where the view definition was corrupted if the view was modified before it was fully synchronized to the cloud 
  • New importer plugin versions:
    • RVT Plugin BETA 1.35


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05-11-2022 01:20


On the app store we find only the last version of setup trimble connect for desktop.

How we can find the previous setup ?

thank you for your answer

01-27-2022 08:14

Hi @Jari Juntunen,

My Nuget Packages are updated to ​the newest release (2.7.14 for  Trimble.Connect.Data). Sent a Mail to the support just now. 
Thanks for your help,

01-27-2022 01:55

Hi @Tobias Steinhardt ,

Based on the error description, it is possible that your application uses an outdated version of Trimble.Connect.Data nuget package of the Connect .NET SDK. To fix the issue, your application should update to the latest Connect .NET SDK version. 

If the API problem persists, can you please email details to our Support team ( ). This will help our team to investigate.

Best regards,

01-26-2022 10:58

Hi there,

Since this update my App can’t connect to the storage anymore via the API. Throws the following error:

Trimble.Connect.Data.VersionMismatchException: "The actual version (93) does not match to expected version (92)."

MigrationNotFoundException: The migration from '93' version to '92' version is not found.

In the storage folders i have the current .storage as well as the .storage.92.bak files. Even deleting the storage folder and resyncing doesn’t help.
Is this a bug or something i have to change on my end?

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