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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.17.0 | Release Notes | Dec 16, 2022 

12-16-2022 00:59

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Windows application released today. Version identifier for this release is The new version is available for download in the Connect apps store page or by clicking the "New version available!" button in the top right corner of the Connect for Windows application.

New Features

Angle measurement tool: Use the new angle measurement tool to measure angles. To create an angle measurement, first snap to a line or a face and then snap to a second line or face to measure the angle between them. Note that the picked line and face must intersect with each other in order for the angle measurement to be possible. Alternatively, first snap to a point that is the vertex, then pick 2 other points to measure the angle between them. Go to Settings → Project → Unit settings → Angle to adjust the unit and display precision for the angle measurement.



  • Now the camera does not automatically zoom out (fit to view) when displaying a new model if there is already another model displayed in 3D. 


  • Fixed an issue with TCD API in remote use cases (for example Citrix, Remote desktop)
  • Fixed an issue where locally viewed point cloud disappeared when the user loaded a saved view
  • Fixed an issue where rebars were shown with wrong position and geometry in a certain model
  • Fixed an issue where the model comparison did not work if the model had been positioned/aligned in 3D (by using model details → position X/Y/Z, Elevation etc.)
  • Fixed an issue with model comparison where the ghost mode was always turned on and didn’t go off until restarting the application
  • Fixed an issue where viewing a .e57 point cloud locally failed (progress tracker stuck in 1 percent)
  • Added a new option to help in troubleshooting cases: When mouse right clicking a project tile in the project selection while holding down the F8 key, a new menu option is shown: “Open project folder”. Note that his option is needed only if the support team instructs to collect data for issue resolution purposes.
  • IFC importer update to v5.65
  • TFLx converter update to v1.0.4.0


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