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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.18.0 | Release Notes | April 19, 2023 

04-19-2023 09:01

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Windows application released today. Version identifier for this release is The new version is available for download in the Connect apps store page or by clicking the "New version available!" button in the top right corner of the Connect for Windows application.


  • API improvements

    • Added method to get object color (GetColor Method)

    • Added method to launch the model comparison feature (StartComparingModelsAsync Method)

    • See details in the API documentation in the installation folder: C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Connect\API Documentation 

  • Now 3D model comparison feature is enabled also for .TRB models

  • IFC importer update to version 6.46

  • Now the clash check feature has the "Ignore clashes within the same object type" option selected by default to match with the TC Web 3D Viewer behavior

  • Updated clip plane icon in the toolbar

  • “Newer file version(s) available” notification has now an “update all” button

  • Added a confirmation question before deleting a ToDo to avoid accidental deletes

  • Now Models panel shows file name extensions



  • Fixed an issue where the application crashed after grouping by layers when the loaded model had a very high number of properties (36 k)

  • Fixed an issue where "Sort alphabetically" in properties panel reset every time a new part was selected

  • Fixed a graphics rendering issue where certain objects (e.g. metal sheets or furniture) disappeared from 3D view far too soon when zooming out

  • Fixed an issue where a project user was not able to download files from a read-only folder

  • Fixed an issue with the 3D Model Comparison feature where incorrect changes were detected in a specific model

  • Fixed an issue where a point cloud file rendered incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where the application crashed when double clicking on a grid element of an IFC model



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04-21-2023 01:46


Despite multiple efforts, unfortunately this issue cannot be observed by our teams with the information available here. Usually that means that the problem is specific to a certain model file.

@Site BridgeFAB  Could you reach out to the Connect support team ( They would be happy to help to investigate the issue in detail. Please note that they might need to ask to share the problematic model file for further investigation.

Kind regards,

04-19-2023 23:38

@Site BridgeFAB  thanks for bringing this up, i'll wait updating...
@Jari Juntunen is this issue being investigated, can this soon be fixed please?

04-19-2023 17:50

I have just tried uninstalling "Trimble Connect for Windows 1.18.0" and reinstalling the old version I had "Trimble Connect for Windows 1.17.1" but that didn't solve anything either.
I have now upgraded back to "Trimble Connect for Windows 1.18.0" and I still can't group by "Assembly/Cast Unit Mark".
Can someone please help?

04-19-2023 17:36

Hi I have just updated to this version. However, I can no longer group by "Assembly/Cast Unit Mark". Is anyone else having this issue as well?
I am regretting updating to this version today.

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