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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.19.1 | Release Notes | August 21, 2023 

08-21-2023 07:45

There is a new version of the Trimble Connect for Windows application released today. Version identifier for this release is The new version is available for download in the Connect apps store page or by clicking the "New version available!" button in the top right corner of the Connect for Windows application.


  • Now the 3D model comparison feature is enabled for all supported 3D model formats (until now only .IFC and .Tekla models were supported)

  • IFC file format importer updated to version 6.51

  • LandXML file format importer updated to version 1.24



  • Fixed an issue where a user failed to sign in with Trimble Identity when switching between two different user accounts

  • Fixed an issue where a specific IFC file showed incorrect coordinates in the properties

  • Fixed an issue where a wrong volume was computed into the Calculated Geometry Values property set during IFC import of specific models

  • Fixed an issue where folders & files created by new users in a specific project were not uploaded to the server and therefore were not visible for other project users

  • Fixed an issue where there were additional parts rendered on a specific IFC model



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09-04-2023 23:54

Please note that a new version is now available for download:

Trimble Connect for Windows 1.19.2 | Release Notes | September 5, 2023 

08-25-2023 06:43

Thanks Jari, it worked. I thought about reinstalling, but was too lazy to do this)

If it helps in your investigation, I have Win 10, and I also tried to upload .e57 files, but it was the same problem.

08-24-2023 16:26

Yes, same problem with .las files

08-24-2023 07:56

Hello Roman,

Thanks for the feedback. We have learned that for some users the installation process of the TC for Windows 1.19.1 has partly failed, which then causes viewing of point cloud files (such as .las) to fail. 

There is a way to fix the issue: 

  1. First uninstall TC for Windows 1.19.1 from Windows Settings --> Apps & features
  2. Re-install the application by running the installer again

The Trimble team continues to further investigate what has caused the installer to partly fail for some users and in some computers. If the issue persists, please contact the Trimble Connect support team at

Kind regards,


08-23-2023 10:14

Can't upload point cloud (.las extension) after update

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