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Trimble Connect for Mobile 2.12 | Release Notes | June 25, 2020 

06-25-2020 03:48

Connect for Mobile v2.12  is now available in Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store. 

New Features

Clip-Planes and vertical clip-planes for new 3D Viewer

  • You can add clip-planes or vertical clip-planes from the options menu in the bottom bar. 
  • Insert the clip plane at any selected point. After inserting the clip plane in its initial position, you can tap and drag to move the inserted clip plane.
  • Remove one or multiple clip-planes by tapping the clip-plane icon.







Model tools display in new 3D Viewer

Functionality from the existing 3D Viewer is being added to the new 3D Viewer. Newly added are: Mark-ups, Clip-Planes, Assembly Selection, Multi-Selection, Orthographic Projection and Object Links.




Launch new 3D Viewer from Todo Details 

You can now open 3D files and Views attached to ToDos in the new viewer. 


Display Measurements in Views in the new 3D Viewer

For Measurements shown in 3D views, Measurement values will be displayed as per the units set for the project.



Cloud Markup in new 3D Viewer

Cloud-Markups can now be created, edited and deleted from the new model viewer.




Launch new 3D Viewer from Quick Access

Open 3D files and Views from Quick Access in either existing or new Viewer. Tap on the  3D File/View Quick Access card to select the desired option.



Bug fixes

  • 2D Viewer - the view after zooming in was not retained after the first zoom operation. This has been fixed.
  • 3D Element Properties - an issue that was causing crashes in the new 3D Viewer after changing element property values in the legacy viewer, has been addressed.

Known Issues

  • View parity issues may exist in the color, transparency, selection states across clients. Parity issues may also be encountered across clients for features related to Orthographic projection and Global transparency.
  • Models with more than 2500 object links tend to make the model render slow. We are working on optimizations.
  • Some parity issues may be found in the visualization of markups and measurements.
  • Unit settings are currently not applied to measurement values.
  • Embedded views may get listed in the views list screen.
  • Views that are created from Connect for Mobile after hiding the model will not be reflected properly in other clients. On launching this view in Connect for Mobile, the show/hide model option won’t be presented correctly. Users will have to tap “Show All” to make all models visible.
  • Occasionally, on loading large model files onto the 3D viewer, the application may crash or get into a non-responsive state due to device memory constraints.
  • The size of the measurement value annotations may be bigger on tablet devices.
  • Models with a large number of objects may not be rendered properly while performing Pan/Zoom operations in the model viewer.
  • Model alignment values set from other clients may not be properly shown in Connect for Mobile.
  • A delay may be experienced when displaying the “Statuses” option in the right dragger menu of the model viewer screen.
  • Occasionally an empty thumbnail is displayed for “Todo” attachments.
  • Updating a View by deselecting/unhiding all objects may in some cases fail.
  • Views are not deleted from the Connect project after the associated ToDo is deleted, but it is possible to delete Views after they are first detached from ToDos.

Known Limitations

  • GlobalIds may not match for all model content generated for Connect for Mobile, Browser and Windows. If this occurs, created links will not be visible across clients.
  • Measurement values are currently displayed with an accuracy of up to 1/10th of a millimeter.
  • Offline Logout it is not possible to log out while in offline mode because the browser cannot be launched without an internet connection.
  • UI in tablets is shown in “compatibility” mode.
  • Some inconsistencies have been observed in the Layer listing when creating or showing views shared across platforms.

Image attachments from the Camera or Gallery are sometimes rotated 90 degrees after a sync operation.

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