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Trimble Connect Sync 2.50 - Windows | Release Notes | Jun 27, 2019 

06-27-2019 04:22

Release Content:

  • A new feature named - “Local Transfer”, available for Project admins
  • UI update - new icons and skin level changes for enhanced user-experience
  • General bug fixing and housekeeping

You can download the new version- Sync 2.50 (for windows) by visiting our application store (linked).

Local Transfer:

Feature definition

This feature will help contents in the local machine to be transferred “as it is” to Server and make the project content in the Server identical to that in the local machine. This includes adding, updating, renaming, removing and moving of files and folders from Local machine to Server. Here the local machine will act as the master- so server will be overridden and any additional files in the Server will be removed. 

How to set-up Local Transfer?

Local Transfer is implemented as one of the schedule types, available for project admins.

Currently the tool has only 3 schedule types:

  • Bi-directional
  • Upload
  • Download

Now, for project admins we will show a new type of schedule: Local Transfer.

Once the user selects the Local Transfer option, he will see a pop-up as below, and as the user confirms the choice by clicking on “Use local transfer”, the schedule details will be saved

Please note that, Local Transfer schedules can only be run manually. There will be no option to schedule it automatically. You can name, edit, define local and server paths for the local transfer schedules like other existing schedule types.

You can also edit existing schedule to make them as a local transfer schedule. Once you do that, you will lose the automatic scheduling information, if any. 

Running a Local Transfer Schedule

Just like other manual sync schedules, local transfer schedules are triggered from Advanced section for projects. They can also be triggered from Projects home page, but only if the project does not have other schedule types. Otherwise, Syncing projects from Projects home page will skip local transfer schedules. “Sync all” option in the home page also does not run local transfer schedules.

Below is a case in which user is triggering a local transfer schedule from Advanced section for a project.

Once the user clicks on Sync for “Local Transfer” schedule (differentiated with icon on the left), the sync preview will come up.

The preview will list the files and folders to be updated as a part of the Syncing operation - this will include addition, moving, renaming, updating and removing of files and folders - with Local machine as the master and server content will be overridden. The files/ folders to be removed are highlighted in red.

Once the user clicks on “Sync Now”, the transfer of files from local to server and removal of mismatching content from server will start. The user will see a progress dialog as below, just like the case of usual Sync runs.

Reviewing Local Transfer Sync Activity

After the user has completed Local Transfer, he can review the activity in the Sync Activity section as shown below:

Regulations & Control

To avoid any accidental usage or misuse of this feature, we have made it:

  • Available only to Project admins
  • Ask explicit confirmation from users, before creating local transfer schedules
  • To be triggered with Manual run only - no scheduling / automatic running option available
  • Show preview before doing a Local transfer

This feature is developed based on multiple requests we received from our users, especially the ones who manage data collected from fields in their local machines. Hope it adds value to your work. In case you have any queries, please reach out to


Happy Syncing,
Trimble Connect team.

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