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Trimble Connect Sync 2.61.1 | Release Notes | Oct 18, 2021 

10-12-2021 04:51

Trimble Connect Sync - Release Notes

Application: Trimble Connect Sync

Version: 2.61.1 | Windows , Mac

Date: Oct 18, 2021

Trimble Connect Sync v2.61.1 is now available. We have made the following changes.


  • Until now, sync failed due to single/multiple letter case mismatches for folder names. This was causing issues for users. The case sensitive check for folder names is removed. For example : DesignFolder and designfolder will now be treated as the same folder.
  • In app notification to users (new version alerts) , will now have custom text.  This will enable the Connect team to communicate about any additional information. 
  • When the project had no folders , the Sync Schedule hierarchy would look empty. We have now added message to indicate there are no folders. 

Bug fixes

  • During large file sync operations, the user was logged out intermittently, though the sync wasn’t completed. This is now handled. The user will not be logged out until the sync is completed. 
  • Local transfer operations for restoring deleted folders weren't working due to invalid access token issues. This was because the user token was added twice. This is fixed now.


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6 days ago

26 days ago

I have the same problem as Charles.

27 days ago

Keep getting error and told to install update, which never downloads and never installs. Where is the install package ? Be a good idea to have a link to it here.

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