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Trimble Connect Sync | Release Notes | Nov 24, 2021 

12 days ago

Trimble Connect Sync - Release Notes

Application: Trimble Connect Sync

Version: | Windows , Mac

Date: Nov 24, 2021

Trimble Connect Sync v2.62.1.0  is now available in both Windows and Mac. We have made the following changes.


  • Global Default folder location : Its now possible to specify globally -  the default folder location of your local machine. Earlier it was cumbersome , since you had to do it in every sync schedule. This will save time and effort. 
  • Include / exclude file types in filters : Earlier it was possible only to exclude file types from sync schedules. Now you can choose which file types to include during Sync. This will provide you flexibility to sync only the file types that suit your project.  NOTE : It's possible to either include or exclude the file types. Both cannot be done simultaneously. 


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