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Trimble Connect Sync | Release Notes | Apr 04, 2022 

03-31-2022 20:26

Trimble Connect Sync - Release Notes

Application: Trimble Connect Sync

Version: | Windows

Date: Apr 04, 2022

Trimble Connect Sync v2.64.1.0  is now available in Windows version. We have made the following changes. 

  1. Announcement Banners : Connect Sync will now display the announcement banners that were earlier visible only on Connect for Browser and Mobile applications. This will help users be aware of important updates from Connect. 

    a. You can choose to close the banners. They will not show up subsequently. 
    b. In case the banner message is long, you can expand the banner message to read the full text (as shown in the second screenshot) 
  2. Encryption is now done for the proxy  password saved in the Sync config file. Please note that one time logout and login after the upgrade to latest version will encrypt the password in the Sync config file. There is no need for any manual operations. 

NOTE : These changes will later be released for Mac version as well.

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