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Trimble Connect Sync | Release Notes | Aug 30, 2022 

08-25-2022 22:13

Trimble Connect Sync - Release Notes

Application: Trimble Connect Sync

Version: | Windows

Date: Aug 30, 2022

Trimble Connect Sync v2.65.1.0 is now available. We have made the following changes - 


  • Support upload of a file (with same file name) from local system which was earlier deleted in Connect server. This was necessary since certain older files deleted from the server couldn’t be synced from the local machine of the user (with the latest file having relevant content and the same file name). 
  • We have made improvements for large file downloads. If larger files downloads were interrupted, they will resume and there will be better performance. 

Issue fixes

  • There were issues with identification of changes to files on the user’s local system. This was causing some of the files not being synced in both directions (local and server). The same is fixed now. 
  • In a few cases, the sync operation was successful, but an error email was sent to users which caused confusion. This will not happen in future.  This was happening in cases where setting the local file attributes was erroring out due to the user’s local system permissions. We will log only this for reference, but no error messages or emails will be shown to user, since the sync operation is successful. 
  • Sync Tool crashed in particular cases when there were frequent sync schedules and there were multiple updates on the same file(s). This has been handled now. 
  • In Sync preview, the ModifiedBy was shown wrongly as the logged in user. This is now fixed.


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