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Trimble Connect Sync | Release Notes | Mar 14, 2024 (Windows) , Apr 2 , 2024 (Mac) 

30 days ago

Trimble Connect Sync | Release Notes | Mar 14, 2024 

Trimble Connect Sync - Release Notes

Application: Trimble Connect Sync

Version: | Windows , Mac

Date: Mar 14, 2024 (Windows) , Apr 2 , 2024 (Mac)

Trimble Connect Sync v2.69.5.0  is now available.


Issue fixes

  • Though the user was logged in , the Connect Sync notification center showed as “Not logged in”. This is now fixed.  

  • Some customers were seeing randomized file sync behavior. This was in cases where there are fast updates to the file creation , renaming and file deletes. This caused duplicate entries of the same file in the Sync. This is now fixed. 

  • We had earlier provided a fix where file changes were not detected for Sync v2.69.1.0. In some cases, when the local machine file name was different from the server side file name, and the Sync was trying to rename the local machine folder, it failed. This issue is now fixed.



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28 days ago

Thnx for the quick update:)

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