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03-20-2019 23:06


The Visualizer helps customers to build compelling sales and project presentations. The Visualizer enhances presentations with compelling, descriptive content that demonstrate design and build options and clearly communicate the structural strategy for feedback from the widest stakeholder audience to drive productivity and project quality gains.

  • The Visualizer uses Unity 3D game engine.
  • The Visualizer enables visualization of native Tekla Structures parts and bolts and allows an opportunity to map materials between a Tekla Structures material and a Visualizer material


  • Features

    A. Tekla Structures

    To render a scene, first decide if you wish to render all or part of the model.

    Visualize all

    • Double click this icon and this will render all parts of the model, regardless of if they are visible or not.

    • Reinforcing will not be rendered in the current version of Visualizer


    • Visualizer selected

      • Only selected items will be rendered


The Visualizer comes with a built-in material library. These materials cannot be created or edited. The currently available materials in the visualizer catalog are:

You cannot add more materials to the visualizer library.

When you begin to render with Visualizer from Tekla Structures, visualizer will attempt to automatically map the Tekla Structures materials to Visualizer material catalog.

However, if you wish to change or correct this mappin, this can be done using the Visualizer material type mapping



The Name column contains materials which are found in the current model.

They Type column is where you map to a Visualizer material by selecting and dropping down the cell.

When the ‘All’ box is ticked, all materials which have been mapped in projects other than the project currently open, are displayed. This can help you compare how you may have mapped a material on another occasion.



B.Visualizer - Trimble Connect Visualizer


The same render application used in this Tekla Structures extension is available in Trimble Connect. Use the Trimble Connect Visualizer to visualize models in Trimble Connect:

  • First download and install Trimble Connect for Windows
  • Then download and install Trimble Connect Visualizer
  • Launch Trimble Connect Visualizer by clicking the button in the Models panel (Note: the button is visible only to users with Business or Business Premium subscriptions)


C. The Visualizer has following options and functionalities


   Open Environment controls (Sky box, Sun, Ground)

   Take snapshot of the rendered screen

   Open Snapshot directory (Pictures\TrimbleConnectVisualizer)

   Full screen/Exit full screen (F11)

   Zoom Original

   Open Views and fly path controls

   Full screen (Hide/Show controls)





a) Skybox


It is possible to choose skybox which is shown in the background of the model.You may also create your own skyboxes by adding a 360 degree photo (PNG or JPG with 2:1 aspect ratio) to file location - ..Pictures\TrimbleConnectVisualizer\Skyboxes.


The aspect ratio must be 2:1 (e.g. 1000 pixels by 2000 pixels) otherwise it will not load correctly into visualizer.



b) Sun controls






Rotate the sky around 360 degrees. Notice, that you need to have a sky picture selected to see difference.




c) Ground


Ground level




d) Views and fly path

It is possible to create predefined views that can also be used as a fly path by setting way points


Way points are created by picking + and removed by clicking x. Tekla Structures model specific fly path way points are stored for visualizer future usage. Separate settings for full/All visualizing and selected visualizing.

          Play , Stop separate


Total length of fly path animation in seconds


      Toggle repeat


   Animate sun position toggle

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09-27-2023 02:25


how can i use the mapping in Trimble Connect for Windows?

02-02-2021 05:31

Hello, The visualizer button is not showing in trimble connect. has this been removed?

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