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Trimble Positions & TerraFlex Desktop add-ins: A new login experience for TerraFlex workflows 

08-23-2021 20:44


All desktop users of TerraFlex workflows in both the Trimble Positions and TerraFlex Desktop add-ins are required to login using their Trimble Identity in order to publish projects and download collected data. As has been publicized over the last few months in posts on both and, a new Trimble Identity service (TIDv4) has been deployed and is currently used in both the Trimble Connect Map Viewer and the TerraFlex mobile application. It brings with it a variety of security improvements and allows for multi-factor authentication and social sign-ins via Google or Apple. The old service will be turned off on August 31st and thus all desktop add-in users must upgrade to one of the versions listed below in order to continue working with TerraFlex data after August 31st.
  • Trimble Positions Desktop add-in v10.8.1.3
  • TerraFlex Desktop add-in v5.4

How To Login

Although the new login experience will appear different, it is relatively simple to use. After upgrading to one of the latest versions, please refer to the steps below. You will need to login each time you start ArcMap and need to use the add-in for TerraFlex workflows.

  1. Locate the toolbar for your installed add-in and look for the button with the person icon.

    Trimble Positions Desktop add-in:
    TerraFlex Desktop add-in: 

    You can hold the mouse over the button for a status message (and a reminder of the instructions) via tooltip:
  2. Click the button with the person icon. This will open your default browser and load the Trimble Identity login page. Note: if you are still within the token expiry of the previous login and did not do the full logout (see #6 below), you will only see the browser flash to the front briefly and your existing login will be reused.

  3. Login through the web page using your Trimble Identity (username and password). When the login process via the browser is complete, you will see a message that the window can be closed. Close the browser window (or tab) and return to ArcMap.

  4. Once back in ArcMap, observe the status message at the bottom left of the window indicating that the login is in process. This will lock the ArcMap UI for no more than 1 minute, to allow for the browser window to be closed without logging in.

  5. When complete, the status message will change and the person button on the toolbar will appear enabled, with an updated mouse-over tooltip.

    You can now proceed with using the add-in. There is no longer any sign-in functionality in the Project Wizard or in the Dockable Window.

  6. To logout, there are two options:
    To logout and sign back in as the same user, just click the button with the person icon.
    To logout completely and sign in as a different user, hold the Shift button and click the button with the person icon.

    Note the status message at the bottom:


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