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Project Types & Features 

09-19-2020 11:39

Project Types & Features

Project type and Connect licenses go hand-in-hand. When you create a project, the license that is assigned to you also gets applied to the project. Some features may be restricted based on the license that is associated with the project. 

As a general rule of thumb, the following is a breakdown of the type of project that is created based off the license that is used/assigned to the project:

Personal License Personal Project
Business License Business  Project
Bus. Premium License Business  Project
Enterprise License Enterprise Project
Project License Enterprise Project

Available Features by Project Type

Personal Business Enterprise
Project members 5 total1 Unlimited with some license restrictions 2 Unlimited - no license restrictions 3
Project invitations 5 total4 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Workflow Extensions Available for users with Bus. Premium 5 Depends on user’s license 5 Full access for all project members - no license restrictions
  1. The number of project users includes removed users. Trimble Connect doesn't support re-inviting removed users to a project with a free license.
  2. Personal license users can join up to 5 Personal or Business projects with full business access, after the limit is reached, users will have read-only access.
  3. Personal license users can join unlimited Enterprise Projects.
  4. The number of project invitations includes re-inviting removed users to a project.
  5. Users with a Business Premium license can collaborate in all project types and be able to use all the Workflow Extensions. If other members in the project do not have Business Premium, they will have Read-only access to any data created and stored in the Organizer or Property Set Service.

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