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Potential TML Development Partners

By Alan Sharp posted 06-28-2021 13:16


A number of customers have asked me for a list of possible TML developers that could do work for them to solve problems that they want resolved. At Trimble we strive to meet customer requirements, but like any organization we have limited resources and available bandwidth to do so. We developed the TML capability for this specific reason, if something is important enough to you to resolve that you are prepared to pay to get it solved in a timely manner, there are a growing number of people out there that can do TML development on TBC v5 or later to help you to solve your issues, independent of waiting for Trimble to solve the issue for you.


I thought that this was a good way to share that list and allow TML programmers offering programming services to represent themselves on this Blog Post.


I am going to just put a few names out there to start off with, if you are a TML Programmer please add a Post to this list giving the following information about yourself or your company. Feel free to promote what you have done in a Blog of your own, posting videos of your work and references as you see fit. You can link to your own Blog from the Post you make here. Please keep this list as a "Yellow Pages" of TML Developers and keep the posts here short and concise please.



Location e.g. Colorado, USA

Company Name

eMail Address

Phone Number

Specialist Areas


e.g. If you are a specialist in Revit, Sketchup, AutoCAD C3D etc. please promote those specialist Areas so people can see more about you in the Blog Profile. Since you are a member of the Forum, you can update your User Profile and provide a Link to that if you want to also.


Whenever I see a request for a solution that we do not have and I don't feel that we will solve any time soon, I will point customers to this list as a reference.


Note: At this time we have no way to validate that an individual on this list is capable or skilled in the development of TMLs, only that they are self representing that they have the skill set to do this type of work - so we cannot guarantee the outcome of any engagement that you may have with a developer listed here. If you do work with one of the people on this list, and have success, please put a Like on their Blog Post here and then add comments to the programmers own Blog as to what they did for you and how you found working with them etc. 


Here is the starting List - Please add your profiles to this list and I will then edit the post here to remove you from this specific post.


Peter Kistler - peter@thekistlers.com (He is based in Colorado, USA)


Wyn Sleeman - wyn@sleemanuk.org (He is based in the UK)


Fernando Calvo - calvo@calvo-geospatial.com (He is based in Germany)


Dorthe Merete Larsen - dml@geoteam.dk (Based in Denmark)


Quan Mueller - quan.mueller@revenantsolutions.com (He is based in Colorado, USA)




Alan Sharp