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Welcome to the Trimble Business Center Community!

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The TBC Community is for customers and end users to collaborate, teach, learn, and encourage one another with new and exciting workflows within TBC. The TBC Community is a professional space and contributors are required to maintain a constructive tone. Any intolerance, personal insults, and negative comments will be flagged and removed with all perpetrators being removed from the group without warning.

If there are TBC bugs or issues that need to be addressed, please first reach out to your local Trimble Authorized Dealer or communicate with a Trimble representative in a private message. 

Thank you for your understanding and support as we all build the TBC Community into a productive environment to learn and contribute to improving TBC’s survey and construction workflows.

TBC Field-to-Finish with Confidence 
Trimble Business Center's field-to-finish survey CAD software helps surveyors deliver high-accuracy GNSS data, create CAD deliverables, and leverage full data traceability throughout a project's lifecycle. 
Make better decisions, decrease costly mistakes, and increase efficiency in the office and on the job site. Powerful tools help you quickly and easily create accurate, integrated 3D constructible models for construction surveying and machine control. Managing your data across the project lifecycle has never been easier than with Trimble Business Center. Combined survey and construction functions lower operational costs and increase productivity, providing a larger set of tools for users to leverage.

For additional helpful resources, visit the TBC Knowledge Center.

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Announcements List

  • TBC v5.70.1 Patch Now Available

    A TBC v5.70.1 patch is now available to download or by selecting Support > Check for Updates in the software. This version includes a few new general and mobile mapping features and also fixes various survey, construction, and mobile mapping bugs. See the patch notes for details.
  • TBC v5.70 Now Available

    Hello TBC Group,

    On behalf of the TBC Product and Engineering teams, it is my pleasure to announce that TBC v5.70 is available for download today! You can download v5.70 here - or use TBC's Check for Updates routine within the software.

    Some exciting features and highlights are listed here:

      • Scan Inspection WorkflowsPerform as-built analysis and reporting with point clouds and 3D models.
      • User Profile CustomizationFurther personalize and customize TBC and share with colleagues through your Trimble Identity (TID).
      • Geodetic EnhancementsEnsure data accuracy for every project with the updated datums, geoids, models and time-dependent databases.
      • Feature ExtractionUtilize even more automated tools to turn scan data into accurate, real-world deliverables.
      • Aerial Photogrammetry ExpansionEnjoy a more user-friendly, yet robust, UAS module which supports more drone sensors. Scanning capabilities have been added to the Aerial Survey subscription offering!
      • Tunneling WorkflowsTake advantage of tunneling workflows that are more connected than ever to field operations, providing an end-to-end solution for tunnel and mine projects.
      • Mobile Mapping FeaturesBenefit from improved navigation and data visualization tools when in production mode.
      • Georeferenced PDF Snaps are now available as an option as part of point snaps
      • Create Corridor Sub Template is a new command to create reusable corridor shapes saving time and data entry for complex roadways
      • WorksManager Design Manager has newly built in QA checks to make sure the correct data is being sent to the project
      • WorksManager Design Status is a new command to be able to check the design publish status within TBC
      • Shrink Wrap is a new command to quickly draw boundaries around point and line objects or inside a void of data
      • Categorize Takeoff Layers now has support for takeoff surface boundaries 

        For more information, please review the Release Notes, as well as bulletins and downloads that are available to the public at

        TBC Product Team

      • Product Bulletin - Trimble HASP License Updater

        Please visit this Product Bulletin to download the updated HASP Licensing tool.
      • TBC Geospatial Power Week - Melbourne - June 2022

        Trimble Business Center Power Weeks are back in 2022!

        Happy to announce the team will be in Melbourne, Australia, with UPG in June to bring survey and construction knowledge, conversations, and workflows to our ANZ user base.

        Take a look at the announcement and apply today!
      • Call for Speakers - Dimensions 2022

        Showcase your TBC workflows and projects at Trimble Dimensions User Conference 2022 in Las Vegas.

        The deadline has been extended to mid-April.  Get accepted and receive a heavily discounted registration rate.

        Check it out here -

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