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TML - Create Point By Station Offset

By Gary Lantaff posted 12-17-2019 11:41


This macro is helpful in cases where you have lots of points to key in based on their station and offset values.  The station and elevation support the "Auto-Advance" option. If "Auto-Advance" set on the station field, when user presses the "Apply" button (usually by pressing "Enter"), then the focus returns to the offset control. 


Use TmlStatus to download the latest version of the macro.


The macro does have one option. By default, the macro creates normal points (same as using the CreatePoint command). If the "Create Dependent Points" checkbox is checked, then points that remember their station and offset values are created. In this case, updates to the alignment used to create the points would cause the points location to be updated.





04-23-2020 11:29


I just used this Macro.  One(1) known issue so far,  It will not take stations that start with 0+...  IT will run the coords as 0,0.  

03-02-2020 14:30

Thanks @Gary Lantaff,


I wasn't aware that points can be imported using that import format as well. I read Alan's post and played with his example data.

The only difference I see is that points created using your macro are "dependant points" while "Station/Offset/Elevation" imports points as "regular" points.


"Station/Offset/Elevation" import format:


"Create Point by Station/Offset" macro:


So at the moment we have those two very useful methods of creating/importing points, dependant points created using macro, but those can be created one-by-one only, or bulk import of regular, "set-in-stone" points.


I find the ability to change the reference alignment "on the fly" very useful, would it possible to edit "Station/Offset/Elevation" import format to give the option for the points to be created as dependant points?



03-02-2020 07:55

There is a way to import station,offset,elevation data from a *.csv file. Just open help and search for "import station offset". In the search results you should see a help topic named "Import Station, Offset, and Elevation Files (.csv)". That should get you going.


Also, there have been several posts on this topic in the Forum. Example; https://community.trimble.com/thread/4558-how-do-i-import-a-station-offset-elevation-file-into-bc-hce

03-01-2020 15:18

Hi @Gary Lantaff,


This macro is amazing. I tried to find a command in TBC to create "Station Offset Point" without using your macro, but I could not find command nor help topic. Is this a new feature?


Also, do you think it would be possible to expand on functionality of that macro by allowing to import (and create) multiple points at once?


I was thinking about importing CSV file structured as follows:

chainage, offset, elevation [or delta elev] , point name, point number, alignment name


It is the same data order as in GC65 command from Terramodel.


It would allow to quickly import data from tables with kerb or road furniture schedules etc.




02-29-2020 03:38


02-28-2020 10:09

Yes, next release of TBC will have this change.

02-28-2020 03:15

Thanks @Gary Lantaff for your answer.

I will follow your advice regarding the csv file.

Just a follow up question, what does your first sentence mean? Will your change take effect in upcoming version release of TBC?

02-27-2020 09:36

I have changed TBC so the change elevation cmd will now work with dependent points. For now you likely need to export to points file (.csv) and import the points.

02-20-2020 14:04

Hi @Gary Lantaff

This is a very useful macro but I'm not sure but I think I found something wrong when using this macro.

I've made about 50 points using this macro and ticking the box for dependent points to my alignment, so far so good.

Now I want to elevate these points to an elevation offset of 0,1m above finished grade using the change elevation command but nothing happens.

If I create a point or points with this check box ticked off then the change elevation command works.

Is this by design or is it a bug?

Is there a way to make the points independent of the alignment or do I have to delete my 50 points and re do everything?



01-08-2020 08:14

I really like what you did, Is there anyway to make a create points by divide line or lines with an option to set elevation by surface, Plus offset store points so the elevation is at the line and not at the offset. To help Mass produce multiple stake-out points at once.