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TML - Explode Lines

By Gary Lantaff posted 01-14-2020 14:54


This macro will explode the selected lines into individual segments. Each segment can be converted into a new line or only break into new lines whenever the deflection angle between segments exceeds specified angle.


There is also an option to relayer the new linework based on where the exploded segment was in the original line. This option only applies if the original line was closed.


This is ideal for breaking up CAD and PDF cross-section data in preparation for conversion into 3D lines, which saves hours of painstaking work and makes selecting data easier and faster in the 3D View.





04-14-2020 07:17

@Gary Lantaff great command! I have found though when you explode lines, the lines get disassociated with their selection sets? Is there a way to add these back to their initial selections sets that the "whole lines" were part of?

02-27-2020 07:54

Just use the TmlStatus macro to see the list of macros available.


02-27-2020 06:09

Where can I download the macro?
I could not find it, but I would like to use it.