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TML - Move Points To Station

By Gary Lantaff posted 01-14-2020 14:51


This macro will move selected points so that they fall exactly on even stations (if the move distance is less than the specified station tolerance).

There is also an option to move selected points to a specified station (as long as current computed station is withen the "station tolerance" of specified station).


This can be handy if you import points that are expected to be at the same station but due to roundoff (or survey measurement accuracy), the stations are a bit "off". If you then use those points in a surface, the computed cross-section may contain extra nodes due to the way triangles are computed.


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01-18-2020 08:27

Thanks.... That's a great future which I was looking for... I have a tunnel section readings that I'm trying to move each point to the nearest station... It takes a lot of time. But now