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Sample TMLs (TBC version 5.90)

By Gary Lantaff posted 06-23-2023 11:37


The sample macros that have been provided in the past are now updated to work with TBC version 5.90. Just download the zip file and place the folder (Sample TMLs) contained in the zip file in the C:|ProgramData\Trimble\MacroCommands3 folder. You will need admin permission to do this as the macro command folder is read only starting with version 5.90.

Sample TMLs.zip

Since the folder MacroCommands3 is read-only, after you place the folder "Sample TMLs" in the MacroCommands3 folder, you should remove the read-only property on the file "Sample TMLs\Sample TMLs.dict".

To make that file read-write, use file explorer to see properties (of file "Sample TMLs.dict"). Go to the security tab and press the "Edit" button. Select the group that controls your permissions (usually "Users" or your user name) and check "Allow" for "Full Control".

Once TBC can write to this file, the current state of each macro is saved in the dict file so TBC doesn't need to check each time it starts.