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Introducing Clash Sets for the Connect 3D Viewer

By Jari Juntunen posted 02-06-2020 05:21


The Trimble Connect 3D Viewer version 1.0.45 release introduced the Clash Sets feature. With the new feature you can both create new clash sets and view existing clash sets that were created with the Connect for Windows application.



Creating a New Clash Set

To create a new clash set:


  1. Click the Add clash set button in the top of the panel
  2. Give a name for the clash set, the tolerance value and select models that are to checked for clashes: 


Note: The models must be first loaded to the viewer from the Models panel before they can be included in the clash set.

Viewing Clash Sets


  1. Click the name of a clash set in the list
  2. Select a clash. The clash details panel will open which lists the clashing objects and possible actions. For example, you can quickly create a new ToDo where the clash is added as attachment. 


Important Clashes


The important clashes feature helps to identify the most important clashes. You can narrow down the list of found clashes by clicking the flag icon in the important column: this action marks the clash as irrelevant and changes the filter so that only important clashes are visible in the list. You can then quickly create a ToDo with all the important clashes as attachments.



Note: The important flag is temporary only. To save and share the important clashes, make sure to add them to a ToDo.


Later Improvements


Update on September 5th, 2020:

Introducing The New Trimble Connect Clash Detection Engine