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TML Developer - Revenant Solutions

By Quan Mueller posted 01-30-2020 17:56


Revenant Solutions LLC is an independent software developer based in Westminster, Colorado.
After developing Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition for 12 years, Revenant Solutions was formed in 2018 to provide software development services to the wider TBC community. Our mission is to connect users, developers, and dealers, and to enable and empower them to unlock the capabilities of the TBC platform.




Want us to build a TML defined and owned by you? Want us to jumpstart development on a Revenant TML you need now/soon?


As an established software developer contractor, we can make that happen. Since 2018, we have served multiple software clients, large and small, locally in Colorado and remotely. With templates for NDAs, contractor agreements, work orders, etc., we are ready to do business "corp-to-corp".


Email projects@revenantsolutions.com to get the conversation started.




TMLs are perfect for true agile software development - where developers and users work in short feedback loops to incrementally and iteratively create functional value.


But searching forum posts for updates and manually downloading/installing TMLs from zip files is well, clunky.


"Build first, share later (after release!)" That being said, we have plans for this space and will be back when we have something to show you…


In the meantime, keep sharing your TML requests in the forums - or email us directly at ideas@revenantsolutions.com




We view all TBC and TML developers, from the Trimble TBC dev team to the beginner TML coder, as "coopetition".


While we are each competing to create better solutions, we all have the common goal of serving and growing the TBC user community.


Our service extends to the dev community too - so we'll be engaging in the TBC and TML forums, creating developer learning content, and sharing new extension capabilities that we add.


Revenant - a person who has returned…
Solution - a means of solving a problem


Working on the BC-HCE dev team, writing code in every tier of the platform, training other developers, and learning about the civil construction and geospatial industries, was a highlight of our development experience.


And we are pleased to return to the TBC community - but not quite the same as before - this time to offer a development service that only an independent developer can provide.


See you in the forums,


Quan Mueller

Founder & CEO, Sr. Software Engineer