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TMC adds DTM Server function for sharing a grid model

By Simon Lightbody posted 09-27-2022 20:48

TMC v4.4.9.17 includes the capability to have a single grid model be updated by multiple vessels on a network.

The basic requirements are:
  • Nominate one instance of TMC running on a network as the 'Server'. This can be a working vessel or just an office installation.
  • Setup a Grid model in the TMC project on the Server PC and configure the Logging settings to enable Grid Model Server with an IP address of (Local)
  • Use Windows sharing to share the TMC project folder with everyone on the network.
  • Enable Grid model Server in the Logging settings of all the other TMC instances (vessels) on the network and point them to the server IP (the IP address of the TMC PC nominated as the Server)
  • The Grid model from the Server will now be selectable as the Survey model (Grid model) and will be updated across the network.