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TMC adds DTM Server function for sharing a grid model

By Simon Lightbody posted 09-27-2022 20:48

TMC v4.4.9.17 includes the capability to have a single grid model be updated by multiple vessels on a network.

The basic requirements are:
  • Nominate one instance of TMC running on a network as the 'Server'. This can be a working vessel or just an office installation.
  • Setup a Grid model in the TMC project on the Server PC and configure the Logging settings to enable Grid Model Server with an IP address of (Local)
  • Use Windows sharing to share the TMC project folder with everyone on the network.
  • Enable Grid model Server in the Logging settings of all the other TMC instances (vessels) on the network and point them to the server IP (the IP address of the TMC PC nominated as the Server)
  • The Grid model from the Server will now be selectable as the Survey model (Grid model) and will be updated across the network.
TMC - DTM Server, Logging settings
  • The Server address should be either or Localhost
  • Color will turn green if the Windows sharing settings are correct.

Sharing the Project Folder
  • The TMC Project folder must be shared with the network users who are logged in on the Remote vessel.
  • To avoid issues with network logins its easiest to turn OFF the password protection
  • Folder sharing varies on different Windows installations and versions.
  • When the Project Folder is shared on the network the Server Address will go green.

TMC - Remote Vessel, Logging settings
  • The Grid Model Server address needs to be set to the IP address of the DTM Server
  • The color will go green if the remote vessel has access to the Grid Model Server on the network.
NOTE: There must only be one instance of the Grid Model Server ( on the network.

Adding Remote Vessels to displays
  • The Vessel(s) can be added to each instance of TMC as Remote Vessels if required.
  • Vessels can then be added to the Dredge/Construction layers of the 2D and 3D displays.




04-25-2023 06:07

Hello Johnathan,

Thank you for the response. Do you have any documentation about setting up a VPN using a cellular network with TMC for both the wire crane and HEX systems?

We would be very interested in beta testing the Works OS for TMC. this beta does not work for the wire crane even if the MPS has a sim card?

04-24-2023 13:15

If the devices running TMC are both connected to the same VPN over cellular then it should work.  We do support WorksOS in TMC for Excavators but it is in beta testing at the moment so not fully vetted.  Happy to set you guys up as a beta test site if that is a preferred avenue.  

04-21-2023 04:39

Good morning, 

I have one wire crane with full TMC and one PC1250 HEX with Earthworks 3D with TMC overlay working in a Naval Shipyard performing dredging. Does the grid model sharing feature only work with local Wi-Fi networks or can I enable it to work over the cellular network? If I can use the cellular network, can you please provide documentation for configuring this feature. I will be installing a SIM card in the MPS865 on the crane and on the HEX I am installing a SIM card in the T100 and SNM941.

Creating a local Wi-Fi Network or and Ad-Hoc Network on the base is extremally difficult due to security concerns.

The customer also wants production data on where the bucket has been digging throughout the day and an average of Z through out the day to be uploaded remotely. Is there a way to have this data automatically sync with the office or would the operator need to manually retrieve this data. Does TMC have any web-based platforms similar to Works OS for accessing and compiling data?

Any insight or assistance you can provide on this topic is much appreciated.