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Standard Resection Issues in TBC v5.32 - Support bulletin 

09-09-2020 17:52

Hello TBC users,


Trimble Business Center v5.32 users are currently experiencing difficulties when importing all total station data in which a Standard Resection is used as a Station Setup. Data such as point clouds and total station vectors do not appear after import. Please review the attached Support Bulletin for more details. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. 



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09-10-2020 12:15


I received your email and will respond to you through that channel. 

Thank you!

09-09-2020 19:27

Further to my comment above I've trialed changing Resection types in TBC 5.31 (I assume it'll be the same in 5.32).

The results between the Standard & Helmert methods are -1mm dN and 7mm dE - I'm not prepared to change my methods part way through this ongoing project as I'm trying to chase mm's for set out and monitoring. 

09-09-2020 17:59


Just to be clear in the Notes - I can just change the Resection types in TBC 5.32 to Helmert and Recompute - it does NOT have to be done in Access?


Your second paragraph starts with " If you didn't take the above approach while in the field, please revert back to v5.31" is ambiguous with the opening paragraph.

I don't want to upgrade to 5.32 AGAIN and find it needs to be done in Access. I'm already disappointed it's taken Trimble a couple of days to officially notify this issue as I wasted all last weekend scratching my head as to why my Resections weren't processing in TBC 5.32.

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