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Custom Ribbon Layout For v5.1.bin 

06-07-2019 15:55

In response to popular request, I have updated the TBC Menu Ribbons for contractors and enclose it here. The new Menu Ribbon includes

  1. Updated Quick Access toolbar
  2. Side Toolbars
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts for more commands - You can list the shortcuts included using the Excel Report from the Keyboard Shortcuts command
  4. Updated Menus to include all new functions and icons
  5. Added a new Report Ribbon that carries most commonly used reports on one Ribbon


Let me know how you like these and if you would like to see anything changed


Happy Modeling

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Uploaded - 11-18-2020


04-19-2020 18:51


Welcome to The Rockpile Solutions Community - you can download the Menu

from our Rockpile Community Site at this link




On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 1:56 PM <

04-19-2020 15:17

I imported my ribbon and Alan ribbon.  I was able to remove Alan's tabs and add mine.  Th bad with that was the side tool bar was not usable unless the specific tab was click anf it would let the side tool bar tool/command usable if that makes any since.  I'll try to reproduce this and take a snap shot later.

04-19-2020 12:55

I would like to try the 5,2 ribbon please Alan, the last one I built was from your original one anyway and quite a handy little set up all round.

A very satisfied customer of your customisation.

04-18-2020 10:02

Go to support - customize ribbon and then Import your Menu Ribbon.bin File. If you dont have one then I will send you a link to my v5.2 Ribbon


Then you can use the Select Menu Ribbon from Support menu and choose which menus you want displayed


My menus have Shortcuts and Toolbars and the menus all built in so you may want to update to that anyhow - it is extended from the one we gave you last summer at the training in TX




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04-15-2020 19:27

I just updated to v5.21 and my tabs/ribbon are set to default. How do we get this changed to our set up. Is this something that needs done before updating? 


I retrack my post.  realized after a few hours of late night work that i had exported my custom ribbon.  Now to get the short cuts to export with the ribbon.

04-15-2020 15:20

Anybody know how to load a Toolbar.bin file into TBC 5-2 or does Alan have a handy Toolbar.Layout pre-configured?

11-18-2019 12:19

Hello Alan, will you be sending out an updated Custom Ribbon Layout .bin for v5.20? Thanks!


07-17-2019 07:16

Some reports are written as a command and those can be added, however

standard reports are not created in the same way and have to be pulled from

the reports - options. Custom reports fall into that category - at least

today. The commands listed in the Command List (F12) are the only commands

that can be added to a Ribbon, unless they are hard coded additions by

Development (as far as I know but I will check)




On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 7:44 AM <

07-17-2019 06:43

Can you assign reports to a ribbon? If so, custom reports too?

06-18-2019 06:36

Thank you @Alan Sharp

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