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12-11-2019 11:30

Power Hour - December 2019 - Cross Section Takeoff Workflows - Example Project Template


Here is the Default Template that I use for doing CAD or PDF Cross Section Conversion Work. I find that using this makes me better organized and more productive, because everything that I need for this work process is already defined in the Template including


  1. Layers and Layer Groups
  2. Colors
  3. Alignment Label Properties
  4. All Project Settings
  5. Text Styles etc.


Download this file and place it in your project Templates Folder. If you don't know where to find that go to Support, Options, File Locations and copy the path shown for Project Templates Folder and then paste it into File Explorer and Enter to find the Folder on your PC. Paste the file here into that location. It will then show up on your Project Templates list when you start a new Project. You can expand the template using the same structure to suit your specific needs, but it is a good start point.

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03-03-2022 00:43

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01-21-2020 18:27

Alan: Thank you Sir. I was watching the Power Hour on PDF to CAD today and was envious of your template!

Thanks for download.


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