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Big Sheet - Metric - Cross Sections.vcl 

05-01-2019 18:34

This file is a Drafting Template that draws all of your Cross Sections on a single "Big Sheet" (10000mm x 5000mm in Landscape Format) so that you can then select the Sections in one step and export to AutoCAD DWG / DXF Format etc. rather than sending a number of Sheets to AutoCAD DWG File. This emulates what Bentley and Civil 3D do to create Cross Sections in the Model Space View (Without automated sheet layout which is of course easy to do in TBC ...)


Download the file and place it in your Drafting Templates Folder.


The Drafting Template is in Metric and creates Cross Sections using the Individual Sections With Grids or the Sectrions With Tables and Drop Lines Style.


Hope this is helpful.



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05-03-2019 08:26

I do not recommend that you use this approach (or at least this paper size) to output to PDF format. Acrobat Reader at least really does not like these Big Sheets.


Also - remember that if you create a Corridor Boundary around your Corridor (Using Station Range and Offsets Left and Right)  and then apply that boundary to the Existing Ground Model to limit the size of the Existing, provided your boundary has a fixed width Left and Right of centerline, you will get more uniform width Cross Sections when using the Table Style cross sections. The Existing Ground is likely the widest surface in the section, and therefore it defines the width of the cross sections - if it is of constant width then that drives constant width cross sections.


If you use the above method to drive consistency in your cross sections, remember that when you create a "Corridor Boundary" it will chord the Offset Edges of the Boundary through curved sections of the road, and therefore the chorded offsets may be less than the Offset that you defined (so a 40m Offset will not be 40m everywhere). FOr this reason rather than using offsets of -40 to +40 use offsets of-40.1 to +40.1 and you will get full width cross sections with a very small "hangover" of the OG at the Left and Right end of the Cross Sections .


Remember also that typically for the Original Ground you will use regular intervals for the drop lines rather than all nodes (to limit the number of drop lines and the resulting size of the Kink lines). Depending on your Scale used for the cross sections e.g 1:200 and the width of your OG Model (e.g. 80') and the Interval that you define e.g. 20mm you will get drops at all locations to the end of the Original Ground. if for example you maintained the -40 to +40' width, but changed the scale to 1:250, you may need to change the drop interval to e.g. 25mm to get the drops extended to the limits of the OG. While I am sure we could automate this better in the future, you need to be aware of how these settings interact to create the best looking cross section output when using Tables.



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