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WorksManager allows users to wirelessly transfer data such as 3D designs to the construction site, increasing efficiency and saving drive time and money. Supervisors and data managers will be sure that the right machines or data collectors are always using the current design. A practical dashboard shows managers an overview of their sites. Contractors can prevent costly mistakes and rework by seeing their construction technology in the field in real-time

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  • Issues connecting to IBSS

    Incident Details
    Some customers are reporting issues where machines/ rovers are unable to connect to base stations. This behavior is not widespread to all regions. The engineering and operations teams are currently investigating.

    Status: RESOLVED!

    Incident update - Sep 26, 2022 7 am MDT
    The infrastructure upgrade activity is complete. WorksManager/ TCC slowness and/ or IBSS connection issues in the field should not occur. Thanks for your patience, and regret inconvenience.

    Incident update - Sep 23, 2022
    We are planning to do the infrastructure upgrade as part of a scheduled maintenance activity on Saturday, Sep 24th between 12 - 2 PM GMT. WorksManager/ TCC/ IBSS might not be functional during this period.

    Incident update - Sep 22, 2022 8 AM MDT
    We continue to experience very high loads at peak time, resulting in intermittent non availability of services including IBSS. We found the root cause, and implemented a few quick fixes during the week days (those that can be performed without a scheduled down time). However, they have not had the desired effect.
    We have now planned for a major infrastructure upgrade over this weekend with a scheduled maintenance window. Regret inconvenience...

    Incident update - Sep 13, 2022 12:30 AM MDT
    We are making infra changes to accommodate higher loads, short term/ long term. We have given a fix to keep the load under check. We continue to monitor

    Incident update - Sep 12, 2022 8:30 AM MDT
    The service has become unreliable again. We observe a high load hitting the servers. We are working with the infrastructure team.

    Incident update - Sep 10, 2022
    10 PM MDT
    We did a server restart activity during the weekend, and we are observing.

    Incident update - Sep 8, 2022 10 AM MDT
    The teams from both the field and the cloud side are investigating the issue to find the root cause.

    Incident Start Time:
    Sep 7, 2022 6:00 AM MDT
  • View & Download Field Control Points

    View, and download field control points

    You can view the field control points for any data collector by selecting ‘Field Control Points’ from the drop down list on the ‘Field Data’ page. Project Devices -> Select data collector device -> Field Data - View -> Field Control Points. You can download the field control points to your desktop by selecting the file and clicking the ‘Download’ button. 

    Learn more about this feature here
  • Project short name - prefix for designs to legacy machine control devices

    Project Short Name

    You can now assign a short name to the project. This would have <project name> as the default value, with a flexibility for you to edit. As an example, if the project name is 'Trimble Construction Project Phase I', the short name can be 'TCP1'.

    This short name goes as a prefix to any design published to legacy machine control devices. As an example, if the design name in WorksManager is ‘Finish Grade', the design name in the legacy control box would read as ‘TCP1-Finish Grade.V01'

    Learn more about this feature here
  • Trimble Jobsite Connectivity Bundle

    Trimble Civil Construction is pleased to announce that the Trimble® Jobsite Connectivity Bundle now includes Trimble Connect® Business Edition, in addition to Trimble Business Center, Trimble WorksManager Software, and Trimble WorksOS Software.  The bundle now supports a new exclusive integration between WorksManager and Trimble Connect so that WorksManager can synchronize new projects from Trimble Connect. As a part of this update, certain file types (such as LandXML and DXF) can be imported into WorksManager from Trimble Connect. See the Release Notes and User Guide, or contact your dealer for details.

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