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WorksManager allows users to wirelessly transfer data such as 3D designs to the construction site, increasing efficiency and saving drive time and money. Supervisors and data managers will be sure that the right machines or data collectors are always using the current design. A practical dashboard shows managers an overview of their sites. Contractors can prevent costly mistakes and rework by seeing their construction technology in the field in real-time

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  • Publish to Devices Pending Message

    Status: Complete

    [Update 9th June, 12:00 PM GMT] This issue is now fixed. We can see the Jobs are getting processed successfully without any delay.

    [Update 6th June, 4:00 PM GMT] The issue is fixed. We are monitoring the system now.

    Description: There is a technical issue that causes a delay in 'publishing designs to devices'. 

  • Slowness in accessing TCC and IBSS

    Status: Complete

    [Update 29th May, 6:00 AM GMT]
    This issue was resolved later on the 26th of May, and we were monitoring this until today.

    [Update 26th May, 4:55 PM GMT]
    Design failures/pending jobs are almost complete, except a very few that will be completed once the live traffic gets reduced.

    [Update 26th May, 2:40 PM GMT]
    This issue is now resolved. We are looking at the design sync failures/pending jobs if any to re-run them.

    : We are experiencing slowness in accessing TCC. TCC and IBSS applications are impacted due to this. There is also an impact on the design sync. The team is actively analyzing the issue. We will keep this page updated once the problem is resolved.  Regret inconvenience.

  • Last reported displays incorrect values

    Status: Complete

    [Update 18th May, 8 AM GMT] This issue is now resolved.

    [Update 12th May, 6 AM GMT] Issue on device processing slowness is resolved. We will be monitoring this.

    Description: There is an issue in the 'position messages' processing in the system. This reflects as incorrect values in the 'last reported' column in account > devices and project > devices pages. The team is actively analyzing the issue.

  • Issue publishing designs, and downloading work orders

    Status: Complete

    [Update 5/02, 4 PM GMT]
    The data fix for all failed designs is completed now.

    [Update 5/02, 1 PM GMT]
    The data fix is running now for already failed designs, and its 50% complete now.

    [Update 5/02, 12:00 PM GMT]
    The issue is fixed. We are monitoring  the system now. We are also looking at providing a data fix for the designs that were published earlier.
    We observe an issue where the system fails when the user publishes a designs and download a work order, post the maintenance activity we had on Saturday.

    The issue specifically occurs when when the file name has special characters. As a workaround, pls consider having no special characters in filename until a fix is given.

    The team is looking into the issue. We will keep this page updated once the problem is resolved.  Regret inconvenience.

  • Scheduled maintenance - Saturday, 29th April

    Status: Complete

    [Update 4/29, 5:30 PM GMT]
    The URL issue is fixed. is also working now. Thanks for your patience.
    [Update 4/29, 2 PM GMT]
    The maintenance activity is complete. However, there is one outstanding issue. While URL is working, is not (for a few users). The team is working to resolve this issue. Pls. use as a workaround until the issue is resolved.
    Dear WorksManager users, We have a scheduled maintenance activity on Saturday, 29th April, between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM GMT

    We are doing this activity as part of our efforts to keep our systems performant. WorksManager will be down during this time period. Regret inconvenience.

    We will update the status of the activity here when complete.

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