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Trimble Connect Web

The project details page lists information such as:

  • Project Name
  • Project Image
  • Project Location
  • Project Size
  • Number of Files
  • Number of Users in the Project
  • Date of Project Creation
  • Start/End Date


The project details page also has the options to Leave the Project or Delete the project.



Trimble Connect Desktop

Rename A Project:
On the Data tab, in the Project pane, type a new name for the project.
You can rename the project only if you are the administrator of the project.

View Project Information:
On the Data tab, in the Project pane, check the basic project information.
You can check when the project was created and last modified, and who has created the project.

Remove A Project:
On the Projects tab, click the button next to project to remove it.
You can select whether to remove only the local project, or both the local project and the one on the server.
You can remove projects only if you are the administrator of the project.



Trimble Connect Mobile

Settings screen displays static content such as

  • Version of the application.
  • About - Brief information about the application such as name , copyrights and link to Trimble Connect website.
  • Licenses - Click on ‘Licenses’ option to view all the open source components and their licenses used in the application.

Other options in the settings screens include:

  • Deleting User data.
    • Press the User Account section.
    • A confirmation dialog would be displayed.
    • Selecting ‘Yes’ from that dialog would delete all the user data.
  • Contact Technical Support
    • To contact technical support and attach device logs, Press ‘Contact Support’ option.
    • Device logs would be automatically attached to the mail.
    • The To address and subject are pre-configured.