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Trimble Connect Sync

Document created by David Baird on Dec 20, 2016Last modified by Jose Gonzalez on Mar 21, 2017
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Trimble Connect Sync is an application that installs on your computer. It keeps your files synchronized with multiple projects on Trimble Connect. Individual folders can be selected and synchronized to and from Trimble Connect including the option to chose which direction the files should synchronize.


Download Trimble Connect Sync

The Trimble Connect Sync tool can be downloaded at the app store within the Trimble Connect App.


Accessing Trimble Connect Sync

Once the tool has been successfully installed you can access it from the system tray.  Right clicking the icon will give following options

  • Sync - For creating a sync schedule
  • Open Trimble Connect Folder - Shortcut to open Trimble Connect projects locally
  • Open Trimble Connect Web - Shortcut to open Trimble Connect projects on server
  • Help - Help documents shortcut
  • Exit - Exiting the Trimble Connect Sync


Trimble Connect also shows up under Windows Explorer favorites:



The default installation location for Trimble Connect Sync will be:

  • Windows - C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Connect Sync


Logging in to Trimble Connect Sync

The Trimble Connect Sync tool uses the same login credentials as used in Trimble Connect Web.  

  • Use your Trimble Connect e-mail and password to log into Trimble Connect.


Understanding Sync

Project synchronization can be done in either an automatic (scheduled) or  manual mode. There are three play buttons for initiating a sync, as seen in the image below.

  • Use this button to sync all projects manually.
  • Use this button to manually sync all custom sync jobs listed for the particular project.
  • Use this button to sync a particular custom sync job listed under a specific project.
  • This button will allow you to select the folders to sync along with the sync direction.
  • This button will allow you to schedule the sync at a certain time or day.
  • This button will allow you to set specific rules for the schedule including the rules for conflict synchronization.


Custom Sync Schedules

Sync can also be customized by clicking the "Advanced" button. A drop down screen will appear, where the custom sync job(s) can be created. Click on the blue + sign to create a new custom job.



Creating A Schedule

The following things should be kept in mind while creating a schedule:

  • Sync Name
    By default the sync name is "Full project sync", which can be edited.
  • My Computer
    Clicking in the text field or the folder icon will allow you to select the folder you want to sync on your computer.
  • Sync Direction
    The icon determines the direction the job will sync.
    • 2-way (any changes to project files made in either your computer or in Trimble Connect will be reflected in both applications)
    • 1-way: Project files are transferred from the Trimble Connect server to your computer.
    • 1-way: Project files are transferred from your computer to the Trimble Connect server.
  • Browse Trimble Connect
    Clicking in the text field or the folder icon will allow to you to select the folder you want to sync on the Trimbe Connect server.
  • Calendar
    The calendar icon allows the custom sync jobs to be scheduled on a manual, hourly, daily and weekly basis.


Selecting Folders and files to Sync

Selecting folders and files to sync can be done by clicking on the folder icon under the Settings section of the sync schedule after clicking on Advanced.  A new window will open where the folders are chosen:

  1. The Browse button will allow you to set the folder where you want files sync'd to or from on your computer.
    Note: If the files and folders under My Computer are greyed out, it means that the files have not been synced from Trimble Connect and do not exist on the local machine.
  2. The Browse button will allow you to set the folder where you want files sync'd to or from on Trimble Connect.
  3. The sync direction icon will allow you to set the sync schedule direction:
    Upload Only
    Download Only
    Bi-Directional Sync




Excluded File Types:
Here you can add file types to be excluded in the sync process. Enter "filter description" and "file extension" and click "Add new filter". When you are done adding filters, click on Save.


This screen gives you notification options and rules for synchronization.


Notification settings for sync:
This section will allow you to setup notifications for synchronization events that can be sent to an e-mail address you specify.

If a sync conflict occurs, an email will be send to the user regarding the details of the sync conflict.  Notification emails will be sent for sync errors, which includes the details of the errors. The e-mail will also give the number of successful files uploaded/downloaded along with number of failed files.  Sync completion will give information about successful file upload/downloads which includes the number of files. 
Note - While entering multiple email followed by comma(,) or semi-colon(;) please avoid entering spaces.


Rules for synchronization:
This feature applies conflict resolution rules for synchronization.


This feature helps in setting up a proxy, if needed.


Advanced Settings
For project admins there are additional sync settings for Check in/out workflows here - Project Sync Settings


See additional tips and hints for sync here - Sync Tips

View supported file types here - Supported File Types



      • Gregory Fincher

        Sync scheduling not working because the app will not stay logged in.  I try to do early morning syncing before work and it cannot initiate because the app login has timed out.  I cannot find a setting option to keep the app logged in.

        • Alexander Holsteinson

          Definitely this new Trimble Connect app and Trimble Connect Sync (beta for MAC OS) leave a lot to be desired in user interface and easy of use.     Very criptic and sparse user interface, no auto connect with Trimble ACCESS,  data collector registration tab,  a very unTrimble app.    Dont get why there should be 2 applications instead of a single one???     Was expecting in this update a lot of integration with Insphere Equipment Manager features.   Hope that the programmers fix all these shortcomings fast.