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Trimble Connect Sync

Document created by on Dec 20, 2016Last modified by Abhilash Annadurai on Sep 25, 2019
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Trimble Connect Sync is an application that installs on your computer. It keeps your files synchronised with multiple projects on Trimble Connect. Individual folders can be selected and synchronised to and from Trimble Connect including the option to choose which direction the files should synchronise.


Download Trimble Connect Sync

The Trimble Connect Sync tool can be downloaded at the app store within the Trimble Connect App.


Accessing Trimble Connect Sync

Once the tool has been successfully installed you can access it from the system tray.  Right clicking the icon will give following options

  • Sync - For creating a sync schedule
  • Open Trimble Connect Folder - Shortcut to open Trimble Connect projects locally
  • Open Trimble Connect Web - Shortcut to open Trimble Connect projects on server
  • Help - Help documents shortcut
  • Exit - Exiting the Trimble Connect Sync


Trimble Connect also shows up under Windows Explorer favorites (applies on Windows 7) :



  • The default installation location for Trimble Connect Sync will be:

    • Windows - C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Connect Sync


    Logging in to Trimble Connect Sync

    The Trimble Connect Sync tool uses the same login credentials as used in Trimble Connect Web.  

    • Use your Trimble Connect email and password to log into Trimble Connect.


Understanding Sync

Project synchronisation can be done in either an automatic (scheduled) or  manual mode. There are two play buttons for initiating a sync from the Projects Home screen, as seen in the image below.


Clicking on the 3 sections highlighted above will execute the following actions respectively:

  •  Sync operation on all projects

  • button against each project starts Sync operation on the specific project


  • button allows you to create customized Sync jobs within a project. 

Custom Sync Schedules

For customizing Sync Schedules within a project, you need to click on the ‘Advanced’ option against the corresponding project, and you will be shown a new screen with Scheduling options as below:







        Sync scheduling not working because the app will not stay logged in.  I try to do early morning syncing before work and it cannot initiate because the app login has timed out.  I cannot find a setting option to keep the app logged in.

        • Alexander Holsteinson

          Definitely this new Trimble Connect app and Trimble Connect Sync (beta for MAC OS) leave a lot to be desired in user interface and easy of use.     Very criptic and sparse user interface, no auto connect with Trimble ACCESS,  data collector registration tab,  a very unTrimble app.    Dont get why there should be 2 applications instead of a single one???     Was expecting in this update a lot of integration with Insphere Equipment Manager features.   Hope that the programmers fix all these shortcomings fast.