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Follow These Simple Tips To Style And Cite Your Essay In ASA Format |Guidelines 2021

To apply a proper format is an important requirement for your every Write My Paper. You do have a lot of options to apply a particular format. Sometimes your professor gives you a format style which you have to apply for sure. However, many times, you got the freedom to choose the appropriate format for your paper. 

Every format has its own characteristics. They also applied according to the discipline. For example, ASA format is usually applied in sociology. ASA is the abbreviation for the American Sociological Association. This format resembles the author-date format used in the Chicago Manual of Style, particularly for in-text citations. 

Have you any idea about its basics? This tutorial is going to give you a proper guideline for applying this format and also how to cite your paper as per the particular format. Let's start from scratch.

What is the basic idea?

ASA is a type of referencing used for sociology. ASA style citations are used by many researchers, academics, and sociology students in their publications or papers which they refer to the department of sociology or the field of sociology in general. 

If the ASA reference method is not utilized properly, it may bring the research in the situation of becoming criticized, or even contribute to the postponement of its acknowledgements together with the career success of its Essay Writer.

When following ASA citation style, the style influences some aspects of the document, such as with the title page, introduction, heading type, in-text references, reference collection, and also its formatting details have to be given particular attention.

Essentials of ASA style

There are a few standards that an ASA style guide needs to be applied when using the ASA citation format. 

  • The format of your headings will be defined as;
  • Every table, chart, diagram, graph or anything must be titled in sequential order, such as (1,2,3,...); (Table 1.1, Table 1.2,...) and so on.
  • You will be adding an abstract if it is the requirement of your paper. The abstract must include the heading. It should be approximately 200 words. 
  • Your title page will include the title of your paper, names of the authors, the overall word count, and also a title footnote. It will include the name of your author t6hrough a Paper Writing Service, addresses, grants, and acknowledgments.
  • The margins applied for each page will be 1 ¼ inch.
  • You have to make sure that the overall font of your paper must be 12 along with double line-spacing that is 2.0.

Level 1 heading: left-indent, capital letters, start putting after the introduction. 

LEVEL 1 Heading

  • Level 2 heading: left-indent, italicized, with every starting alphabet capitalized except prepositions and conjunctions.

Level 2 Heading

  • Level 3 heading: indented (middle), italicized, end with a period (e.g. full stop), with every first letter and proper nouns are capitalized.

Level 3 Heading

  • You will write the reference list in alphabetical order. 

How to apply in-text citations?

  • With one author
  • Topic: The Alchemist

(Anon 2014)


Anon (2014)

It will appear in the reference list as;

Anon. 2014. “The Alchemist.” Retrieved July 16, 2020 (

  • With two or more authors 
  • Topic: Stress and Eating Behaviors

(Yau, Potenza, and William 2013) - in the first citation

(Yau et al. 2013) - in later citation

It will appear in the reference list as;

Yau, Yvonne H. C., Marc N. Potenza, and Brown William. 2013. “Stress and Eating Behaviors.” Retrieved July 20, 2020 (

Endnotes and Footnotes

Footnotes and endnotes come into consideration when you want to choose to extend the text, insert or clarify details from the list, or quote sources with controlled access. 

Endnotes are also more probable to be included rather than footnotes. This is easier to choose when to apply endnotes or footnotes in the ASA-style report and to use one or another throughout the document frequently.

Each of them must comprise 100 words in total. Also, they always appear at the end of the paper. 

Footnotes show up on the very same page as supported by evidence or extended content. They are usually mentioned with Arabic numerals. 

Endnotes are referenced as the ‘References’ section at the end of the paper.

The ASA reference numbers are applied for both footnotes and endnotes. You need to apply balance with the order they are being used.