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Ace Your Analytical Essay Assignment with the Help of This Example

Essays truly are the burden of the worse kind. Especially if you are a student who has little to no clue as to what should be included in an essay. Essays can be of many types but analytical ones are truly the worse. They make you analyze a piece of literature or an idea on a deep level. Now, this is not something an average person can easily accomplish. In fact, it takes a lot of skill to essay writer service. I am well aware of the difficulties you might be facing which is why I have come up with an analytical essay example just for you. This essay will teach you all that you need to know.

Just give it a try. Here it goes:

Video games are a sensational phenomenon that has swept up the modern world of children all over the globe. It would not be wrong to say that playing video games impact the very real lives of children. This impact has been a topic of debate among parents for quite some time. Many parents point out the cons of video gaming while children tend to support the activity. The pros and cons of video games will be discussed in this paper.

Firstly, the tendency to play violent video games has been linked to essay writer service free and violent behavior in real life. This may come as a shock as the world depicted in video games is fictional which is very much different from the one a child lives in. Yet, there is evidence that children seem to absorb some violent characteristics, albeit subconsciously. A randomized control trial on two groups of children has shown that children playing violent video games tend to be attracted to weapons. They choose weapons like guns and swords when given the choice (). The Columbine High School massacre of the year 1999 serves as a reminder of how toxic these games can be. The cons of video games do not stop here.

The second problem with video games is that they become addictive. This issue may not seem problematic at first but it does have far-reaching consequences on the lives of young children. Parents have issued complaints about the amount of time and money that is spent on the video game addiction of their children. Parents have shown concern about the fact that their children spent hours upon hours in front of their gaming stations. Many children stay up late at night to complete a level in their game (). This has a negative impact on their sleep cycle and also affects their school schedule (). Late nights focused on gaming ensure that these children are unable to focus in class (). However, this does not mean that there is not a positive side to video games.

A positive effect of playing video games is that it improves your visual skills. A human being’s visual skills do not refer to their eyesight. Having good visual skills mean that a person has an eye for spotting the most minute of essay writer online. Research claims that those who spend a great deal of time involved in this activity tend to have greater visual skills. The University of Rochester found that gamers are far more likely to detect targets on a cluttered screen than non-gamers (). This is beneficial as this can help the driver drive cars in a much safer manner. It is estimated that the risk of cars crashing can reduce up to 50% ().

Conclusively, it can be seen that playing video games can impact the lives of gamers in both a positive and negative manner. Video games have a tendency to influence children and may lead them to become more violent. Video games are also highly addictive which means that a lot of cheap essay writer. Yet, there are some benefits to being a gamer. One such benefit is that video games improve the visual skills of a person. Thus, the impact of video games on the lives of children becomes clear.

Important Details!

  • The thesis only gives away the most basic information. It talks about how the paper will focus on the pros and cons.
  • Every paragraph begins with a topic sentence.
  • Every paragraph follows a certain structure.
  • The claim i.e. the argument is presented first and foremost.
  • An analysis is provided of the claim. The argument is discussed further.
  • Then the evidence is given to cement the claim.
  • Notice how brackets have been placed in places where in-text citations are needed.
  • These citations are necessary when you present evidence.
  • Provide citations while referencing researches. Or using quotes.
  • Transition sentences are used at the end of every paragraph.
  • Transition sentences do not need to be specific.
  • Topic sentences must be specific.

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