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A sample argumentative essay example on the affordable care act


If you have been given a free hand to choose the topic for the argumentative essay then great. But sometimes, teachers tend to provide the topic in advance so that there might be no trouble attached to searching. All you have to essay writing service cheap and do is clearly understand the topic, take a decision to support your decision, and then go ahead to make relevant points about it. What it would do is that you would be building a foundation for yourself while giving the opposition some thought at well. Let us take a look at a controversial topic of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and write an argumentative essay on it.


Healthcare is an absolute necessity but in modern times, it has become hard to attain it. Insurance companies opened up but they all have business and money on their minds. Former President Obama introduced the concept of Obamacare which became the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The aim is simple. Provide people with cheap healthcare while maintaining the same quality and standards. This was a great step forward in relieving the plight of the poor. ACA was introduced to make sure that people can get healthcare necessities at competitive rates without compromising the quality by any means.

The major advantage is that millions of people got access to healthcare and insurance that was impossible before essay writing service legit. The American healthcare system is rather expensive for those who may not have enough privileges. The act allowed young children to share a plan with their parents and thus the percentage of insured parents rose drastically. This was also important for the middle-class people that would be stuck in between the options to get premium packages or the ones that allow insurance to poor. The act was able to alleviate the position and thus people were contented.

One of the major aspects of ACA is that it would compel insurance companies not to deny any patient healthcare because of pre-existing diseases. Many of the major diseases have been included which is a major step forward. People with pre-existing conditions would face much trouble but due to the newly developed plan, it because easy for anyone to get health insurance. The goal is to become accessible and that is exactly what the act did. The older belief was such patients are harder to treat and are a major burden on the insurance companies themselves.

Though many of the people were satisfied, there was a major chunk that believed such acts should not be passed. More than half the population opposed the act within the first few years of the implementation. People are of the best essay writing service that it would pose a huge burden as the cost of premium insurance would increase as well as the taxes to cover the amount incurred on the changes. They were of the view that would change their lifestyle and thus may put a financial burden on them instead. Also, it would mean more work and a hectic environment for healthcare workers. Many people who did not have access to good facilities would not be able to get their hands on it and ultimately the performance of the organization would deteriorate.

Among all the opposition, the ACA provided worthy people to get good healthcare facilities without any discrimination. Healthcare is an absolute necessity and it is one of the rights of the citizens of any country. Depriving them of this due to reasons such as posing extra burden is just plain cruel and unethical. Since more people would be able to enjoy good health, the overall prosperity of the country would eventually increase.

General Tips

As you can see in the above example, an argument essay does not just highlight your views but also those of the others. The main goal is to show how your point might hold an advantage over others. You would have to think objectively and then try to come up with a genuine foundation for your essay. Argumentative essay examples serve as a guideline. If you feel like you need some assistance, expert writers know very well how to guide you.

Understanding the topic is the key as only then you would be able to find relevant data related to it. Support your point with examples from authentic sources as well as scholarly articles and journals. 

Do not pursue the argument for the sake of argument. You should follow strictly from cheap essay writing service whatever it is you are saying and try to set an example for others to follow. Be objective and let every point matter before you come to a conclusion. Even if your perception changes, follow the updated one and do not fall for your ego. 

The above essay is of the traditional 1-3-1 paragraph format. Make sure you follow it or if the word count allotted is greater, feel free to add more body paragraphs. For the ideal scenario, it would be 1 para for an intro, 3 for the body where 2 would be for your own argument and 1 for the opposing and finally the last para for the conclusion. 

In an argumentative essay, the thesis statement has a very vital role to play. It would not only set the tone for your entire work but also grabs the reader's attention regarding what is about to come next. The thesis would support your argument and some major reasons why you have chosen it.

An outline can be of great help as you would not be missing any vital points on the way. It would serve as a blueprint for your entire work so make sure you spend a good chunk of time on developing and editing it.