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 Recommended device for Trimble Connect AR

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Halvor Andre Bråthen posted 08-12-2022 21:59

Which device is recommended for Timble Connect AR?

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and are not satisfied at all. The model are placed with markers and constantly getting out of position.
The model is a steel frame with the size 16 x 82 meters, and i have placed 5 markers in the models.

Does the Trimble Connect AR use the Lidar scanner in Apple devices?

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Ben Broad
Hi Halvor,

It is certainly normal and expected to see some drift while working with Connect AR - it is a limitation of the technology.  But the amount of drift can be quite dependent on device.  In general, the more modern the device the better the performance will be.  From our experience we have found the recent iPhones and iPads are excellent - particularly the iPad Pro with M1 chipset.  This does also contain LIDAR and we use the LIDAR in a few areas (measurements/scanning Markers) so it is useful to have although not essential.  If you want to stick with Android then the Samsung S22 is pretty good - but still not as good as the M1 iPad.