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AutoCAD Point Block 

07-30-2019 11:51

This is a Test DXF File to show how TBC Exports Point Number, Code and Line Names to AutoCAD DXF or DWG formats and allows it to read these same file formats from AutoCAD or SCS900 / Siteworks systems to round trip Point Number and Code / Description fields between systems, thereby keeping a consistent point numbering and naming between them.

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01-09-2020 04:54

Is there any thougts on changing set up so different point codes (description) generates equal amount of layers and naming them equal to point code?

Here is an example of how another software handles export to DWG/DXF


export to DWG will generate this layers:


As I understand it, to get TBC to handle this similar you need to use a licenced function called "point labels", I´ve tried it and it´s a lot of work if you have many different codes.

Much easier if you just could turn on number, code, elevation in view filter and then export to DWG and get separation of codes in different layers.

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