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Corridor Surface 

11-30-2021 00:31

This issue is dogging me for a while. I had this issue in TBC v5.52. Still have it TBC v5.60.

I have generated a very simple corridor surface with an Alignment, VAL and a Template.

I have created points at salient points of the CAD lines. (Not quite happy with the LARGE number of points created, but we will keep it for another time)

I applied "Change Elevation" command to these points. I have alternately chosen the Finished Surface and the Existing Surface (SBDOGL) and got two Excel files output for "Station Offset Elevation Report". Then copy pasted data of the second in the first to get an integrated Excel file.

("Load to Excel" command did not work. I will investigate it later).

I am examining the Point Elevations created. There are several surprises. Please refer to attached Excel file.

  1. In several lines the "Station" value is missing. (Yellow Fills)
  2. There are several duplicate points. Some have the same elevations, some have different elevations !!! (Orange Fills)
  3. When I check the slopes from corresponding points, some slopes are correct, others are in considerable error. (Red font).

How do I get correct results. This is very important for me as I have to transfer this as *.csv file to TSC3 (Trimble Access) for stake out on site.

I had written once before about this. There has been no response. Hope some one responds this time.


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