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Mass Haul Training Program 

06-29-2018 09:09

The enclosed zip file is the Mass Haul training program that I deliver to classes. It is up to date on version 4.11 of BC-HCE. In each Exercise folder you will find Start Point and Step Point Project Files and End Game Projects. In Each Exercise folder you will find a Step by Step guide in the form of a Word Document that you can follow along with the sample projects to learn how Mass haul works.


The examples are all schematic - all designed to teach you the basics of Mass Haul so you really understand how the calculations work and what the data presented / reported really means. 


Hope that this helps - let me know if you need assistance


Alan Sharp

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01-08-2019 12:34

Correct - the files will be upgraded to 5.0 on opening and then when you

save them you wont be able to go back to earlier versions - otherwise all

should be basically the same. If you need help on this at all please let me

know - Happy to provide guidance as necessary




On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 12:29 PM <

01-08-2019 12:28

Hello Alan, 

   I just downloaded the .zip to learn Mass Haul.  When I get the upgrade to TBC 5.0, this file should still work fairly seamlessly, correct?



07-09-2018 07:04

I am uploading again - the first file failed for some reason

07-09-2018 05:33

Good day Alan

I just downloaded your zip file on mass haul & the zip file does not have files mentioned in your explanation of what is in the file. Maybe there is something I am missing please assist?

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